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Rule Based Follower Management in ObjectiveMarketer – Direct Messages

When you have a visitor, you say “Hello” or greet them in your preferred way, language – and many times, start your conversation with something most obvious, like “We love sunny California, isn’t it brilliant in summer?”.  While, not saying anything is rude, depending upon who you are, there is a characteristic way of greeting someone.  This is just what we suggest our users to practice in Twitter, with Direct Messages sent to the followers as soon as they follow you.

Don’t get us wrong! We are not a huge fan of using DM to automate or promote. But, the use of sending your greetings and “thanks for the follow” establishes a relationship, and suggests what to look forward to in the connection.

Introducing Auto DM Greetings from ObjectiveMarketer

How cool would it be to receive a personal greeting from someone who is a local resident? With ObjectiveMarketer, you can set just that up. If the bio of a user reads a specific local (or keyword) of your interest, you could just set a message personalized for that keyword – and the message will be sent to him/her as a DM when he/she follows you.

With ObjectiveMarketer, now you can set up to 4 Auto DM (with or without bio-matching keywords) for your new followers. These messages will be rotated and be sent at a random order to the new followers.

Rule Based - Set Auto Direct Messages to your new followers

Rule Based - Set Auto Direct Messages to your new followers

With Auto Follow and Auto DM, ObjectiveMarketer gives you full control on engaging your new followers from the time they followed you on Twitter. Take it to the next level by creating interesting content strategy and sharing with your followers. You will have a party on Twitter!

Have you read the post on Auto Follow-back? To learn more, sign up for 14 days Free trial


Rule Based Follower Management in ObjectiveMarketer – Follow Back

If you have used ObjectiveMarketer you will know by now that every capability that we add is guided by our vision of “Making Social Media Efficient For Businesses“. Comprehensive, yet easy is the key – and keeping true to the thoughts above, we have added a powerful feature in Release 3.0 to set conditional follow-back rules that will make your routine tasks easy and automated, while adding value in the process.

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Auto Follow Management

Follower Management is a key to any social media engagement process. Have you ever wondered – “should I follow back one and all who followed me on Twitter, like some experts practice” or “should I be selective in my process?


Usually, follow-back is a manual process where you take a look at the follower’s user profile to get more information like: when was the last post written, how long this person is on Twitter, what does the bio say etc. This can become cumbersome and inefficient after sometime. And, to keep a tab on how many followers you followed in day – I am sure, many of us don’t have an answer.  There is a solution to this problem!


Rule Based Auto Follow Management
Rule Based Auto Follow Management

Now with ObjectiveMarketer, you can provide multiple rules to Follow, Not-Follow or Ignore based on several criterion like:

  • Total number of status updates
  • Last Updated
  • Age of Account
  • Friends Count
  • Followers Count
  • Keyword matching Bio

You can set up Auto Follow Rules, from the Account Management Screen in ObjectiveMarketer. Once you have set up these rules for Twitter, ObjectiveMarketer will take care of managing who to follow (or not) based on the rules you have specified.

Hey of course, you can follow back everyone who follows  you by setting rules. It’s completely up to you.


You will notice that with properly set policies, and timely optimizing these,  your follower base will start growing on their own.

Good to see a lot of you relaxing, already!

Next we will see how you can setup Auto Direct Message in ObjectiveMarketer.

ObjectiveMarketer Release 3.0 – Refreshingly Cool Upgrades!

ObjectiveMarketer New Release :Refreshingly cool!

Yes, you can relax, while you run Social Media Campaigns!

It’s a big day at ObjectiveMarketer as we announce our new release! We have been working hard to build efficiency into the platform, such that you get more done, with greater impact and in lesser time. Loaded with refreshingly cool features, this summer release is all set to take the heat off your social media initiatives. So, relax, sit-back and enjoy- and let ObjectiveMarketer do the work for you!

Get details of the new release in embeddable SlideShare presentation here.

As one of the leading Social Media Management Platforms, our endeavor remains in helping businesses become Social Media Efficient. And, with ObjectiveMarketer 3.0, the new capabilities are designed to bring more visibility into social ROI and to make social media efforts more strategic for businesses. The key benefits of ObjectiveMarketer 3.0 release are highlighted here:

  • #EaseofUse: Sophisticated, yet easy. How wonderful!
    • Completely revamped User Interface with easy visual cues
  • #Engage: Integrated Follower /Fan Management
    • Rule based Auto Follow and Auto DM for Twitter
    • Trends and Stats of Follower and Fan acquisition.
    • Twitter Keyword Streams with Reply/Retweet options
    • Facebook Comments /Twitter Mentions / User Stats and Follow back
  • #ROI: Comprehensive Reporting Interface
    • Multiple dimensional view of stats and aggregated data
    • Generate pre-formatted, downloadable PDF reports
    • Overall Campaign Performance with user defined VALUE of each initiative
    • Mentions / Influencers / Amplifier Data as leads and follow-ups
    • Filter by Date/time range and export to CSV
  • #Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other pieces of Social CRM
    • Rich set of APIs to integrate with Native CRM or to build custom widgets
    • White-label solution to offer custom service based off ObjectiveMarketer’s technology

We are happy to have customers who range from Fortune 100 companies to single employee businesses  (or their agencies)– as we get to study, understand and work with them in implementing wide range of applicability of Social Media in their businesses. We are setting the stage for new generation of Marketing. And we welcome you to be with us. New users Sign up Now for 14 days Free Trial:

ObjectiveMarketer Adds White Label Services to its Social Media Management Platform

Objectivemarketer Logo

Redwood City, CA, July 7, 2010 / — ObjectiveMarketer, the leading provider of Social Media Management Platform that offers solution to manage and measure social media effectiveness, today announced the availability of their white labeling services.

(Press Release) – Jul 08, 2010 – The new white label services from ObjectiveMarketer will provide businesses and their agencies the ability to retain and promote their brand identity, while still using the powerful capabilities of the platform to increase their outreach on social channels.

“It is very important for brands to be present, visible, and searchable. With ObjectiveMarketer’s new white label services brands get maximum visibility at every social footprint and an opportunity to build an overall brand consistency”, said Amita Paul, CEO, ObjectiveMarketer. “There is a big opportunity for brands to establish connection with prospects and customers on social channels, and we want to make sure that there is continuity in these connections. For small businesses, and agencies it is a great opportunity to increase brand recognition”, adds Ms Paul.

Branded Application Names

Branded Application Names

With this latest offering, ObjectiveMarketer users can white label:
  • Application Name that users see as the source of the message. This application name can lead to a custom landing page
  • Branded URLs, which allows great opportunity for brand exposure and brand presence, which gets multiplied each time the branded URL is shared on social
  • The application user interface can be customized with logo and company name
ObjectiveMarketer platform continuously innovates to provide its users with maximum opportunity to meet their business goals including, but not limited to – significant increase in traffic, subscribers, clients, customers, strategic alliances and media attention. The white label services adds yet another powerful opportunity for the users of ObjectiveMarketer to benefit from their social media initiatives.
# # #
ObjectiveMarketer, based in Redwood City, CA, is a fast growing provider of SAAS based social media management and marketing solutions. ObjectiveMarketer provides innovative and powerful solutions for creating, managing, and measuring social marketing campaigns. The platform is being used by companies in the fortune 500, agencies and several small – large businesses in maximizing their outreach on social channels. Amita Paul founded the company in 2009 to meet the growing need of marketers to tap the power of multi-channel social media marketing. Guy Kawasaki and Marylene Delbourg-Delphis are board members. To contact ObjectiveMarketer, go to or email

Feature Update: Bulk Upload extends to publishing on Fan Pages

ObjectiveMarketer users who like the simplicity, efficiency and usefulness of Bulk Upload method to schedule messages for Twitter, had just one request – allow publishing to Pages as well. We have customers who manage 100+ Twitter and 100+  Facebook pages using ObjectiveMarketer, and they find Bulk Upload method a very efficient way to manage the schedules of their messages on Twitter.  For those of you who are new to Bulk Upload Method, it allows you to schedule large number of messages, each with different attributes (campaign name, twitter account, date/time/repeat preference), in one single click of a button. Until recently, the bulk upload method could only be used to schedule messages for Twitter. We have now added the ability to schedule messages for Twitter, Fan Page, or both using the Bulk Upload Method.

Using the excel template like this one , users can create their messages with different attributes and paste the messages in a specific format in the Bulk Schedule Interface in ObjectiveMarketer.  The instructions to use the Bulk Upload Method using the template, is mentioned below:

  1. In the Excel Sheet – Write or Copy and Paste the message (including URL) in column A
  2. Copy and Paste the campaign name in column C (It is the same name, as it appears on your account in OM. Please, observe case. If Campaign Name is “Test”, do not write “test”
  3. Copy and Paste the Twitter Account in Column D. Do not put @ sign.We automatically append it.
  4. StartTime – the format is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss This is a formula field. The first date is hard coded, and the subsequent date/time is set to increment by 30 minutes. You can edit the formula in cell G3.
  5. Repeat’s are set to 1, meaning no repeat.
  6. NEW! The Facebook Page column (Column M) is optional, which is to be populated with the ID of the Facebook Page, to which the message is to be published. The ID for the page can be seen on the Bulk Upload interface in ObjectiveMarketer by clicking on the link “See List”
  7. Column N is the Final Cell. Once, everything is set, you will copy the content in Cell N and paste it in the Bulk Schedule Interface in the Application

If there are any questions about “Bulk Upload using ObjectiveMarketer”, please let us know at

ObjectiveMarketer gets new User Interface, and more…

Good news for ObjectiveMarketer fans.

I am very excited to unveil ObjectiveMarketer with its all new Look and Feel, today. ObjectiveMarketer is one of the leading platforms for Social Media management and marketing, and it makes me doubly excited to announce the addition of new reporting functionality with the brand new interface.

ObjectiveMarketer gets a New Look and Feel, and more...

ObjectiveMarketer gets a New Look and Feel, and more...

ObjectiveMarketer’s new design includes a change in the color scheme, and better navigation. The  color scheme stands out on the screen with shades of Blue, and represents the hues of Web 3.0 and Twitter. The change in the look and feel of the tabs is designed to make it much easier than before to navigate between features.  Few changes that existing users of ObjectiveMarketer will notice include:

  1. Report Tab (New)-  This has two options as of now : Campaign Summary Report and Campaign Metrics Comparison Reports. The Campaign Summary report gives information about the levels of Activity, Engagement and value for each campaign. The  “more” link in the same report provides information about the aggregate sum of all Campaign Activity and Engagements.

    ObjectiveMarketer Reports Tab

    Reports Tab is added in the main menu.

  2. Date / Time Range (New) – ObjectiveMarketer users can specify the Date /Time Range, including Today, Last 7 Days, Month to Date, Year to Date etc. The data in the report will be pulled at an aggregate level for the selected date/time range*.

    ObjectiveMarketer Reports can generate results on Date/Time Range

    Generate Reports based on Date/Time Range

  3. Tags is now a part of the Report Tab.
  4. Stream (real time Twitter Search, and engagement tool) is moved into the Tabs interface, as it is an integral part of the application.
  5. Search and Calendar have moved right, on to a new place.

    ObjectiveMarketer Calendar

    ObjectiveMarketer Calendar

  6. Post button (the heart of it all) gets a new icon – and who knows, this icon becomes synonymous to ObjectiveMarketer.

    Post Message Icon

    Post Message gets a new Icon

  7. The Accounts Link and Preferences options have been added to the Admin Tab.
  8. Trends – We are taking away Trends from this version of ObjectiveMarketer. If you select Trends (Reports Tab), you will get a message. We have great plans for the Trends but, we will build it on a different set of priorities.
  9. Help Links (New) – The all new help links are added to provide documentation about ObjectiveMarketer. Users should keep following the support portalor Slideshare Channels for more info on product features and FAQs.

    ObjectiveMarketer Help Resources

    ObjectiveMarketer Help Resources

Today’s news doesn’t stop at the User Interface and Usability features.  I will take the opportunity to share that in the near term future we are going to add several new upgrades to the product that will make sharing, managing, measuring and your overall social experience, even more powerful, even more enjoyable and even more rewarding.

To check out the brand new ObjectiveMarketer, go on over to Enjoy!

UPDATE: Clarification that the new ObjectiveMarketer will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks.

Post by: Amita Paul, CEO of ObjectiveMarketer

On Spotlight: Preview before you post to Facebook

We have a large number of customers, who actively manage their Facebook Fan Page accounts to promote exclusive deals. During one of our webinar sessions, a request that was voted top across board was “Can we have the ability to customize the Facebook link preview?”.

A Facebook Link preview is generated by facebook when you share a Link.  If you do not have the ability to customize how the preview will look like, then Facebook will make a default selection for the Preview Image and Description.

For example, if you are sharing a link from the default preview that gets generated is shown below:

Mis-Matched Preview of Link on Facebook with the Content

Mis-Matched Preview of Link on Facebook with the Content

As can be seen, this image (Login) and the description conveys absolutely no meaning to the viewer. We thought the capability to edit preview of links on Facebook had a huge benefit.

So, here we go!

We have added a new feature in the Post Message functionality, where by, users can preview and edit how their messages will look like on Facebook, before publishing.

To use:

1. Click Post Message in ObjectiveMarketer
2. Write your message (For e.g.Have you checked out ObjectiveMarketer?
3. Click on the “More” link just below the post message box. This displays a randomly selected image, and a description.

Customize your Facebook Preview before your Post from ObjectiveMarketer

Customize your Facebook Preview before your Post from ObjectiveMarketer

4. You can click on the right and left arrow keys to select the image you want to be shown.
5. You can click on the editable text box, and enter the actual text that you want displayed next to the image. For example “Sign up NOW for 30 days free trial”

Post to Facebook. Preview Message

Post to Facebook. Edit the Message

6. Select the Facebook / Page that you want this displayed.
7. That is all. This is how it shows up in the Page:

Message displayed on Facebook

Edited Message displayed on Facebook

It is very important to maximize interaction, at every user touch point. With this new capability, ObjectiveMarketer users can customize the way their links are described on Facebook.

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