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Why ObjectiveMarketer Engagement Streams are better than others?

Every time we add a new feature to ObjectiveMarketer, we ask a simple question – “How does it tie to Metrics”? And we make sure it does, for every single feature that gets incorporated.

We asked the same question, when we added our Engagement Streams.  Engagement streams are usually referred to as ways with which you can listen to what others are saying, and possibly engage in a conversation with them. We have seen quite a few variations of engagement streams – sleek (some call it “sexy”) way to group and organize the conversation of your interest.However, when we designed our Engagement Stream, we did more than add a fancy UI to the monitored keywords/mentions. We made them measurable. And this is how.

ObjectiveMarketer’s Engagement Streams are associated with campaigns, and helps you answer the following:

ObjectiveMarketer Engagement Streams

ObjectiveMarketer Engagement Streams

Engagement Streams are tied to Campaigns in ObjectiveMarketer

Engagement Streams are tied to Campaigns in ObjectiveMarketer

1. How many messages that were repleed to had negative (or positive) sentiments?

2. How many conversation happened with originator or with a retweeter?

3. What is the impact of this Retweeter for my overall campaign (is he/she an amplifier?). For my account?

4. What are the stats from RTs that I do for a particular keyword?

5. If I share the tweet of a keyword on other channels, how does it match up?

As can be seen, over and beyond the ability to use your groups of messages by keywords, ObjectiveMarketer allows you to get more insightful about the actions that you take on these keywords. This is because, all the actions on the monitored keywords are completely tied to the campaigns in ObjectiveMarketer.

Listening, when accompanied with measurable actions, makes it a complete engagement process.

If you are interested to learn more about ObjectiveMarketer, sign up for FREE 30 days trial at http://app.objectivemarketer.com or email info@objectivemarketer.com for demo or other inquiries.

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