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ObjectiveMarketer gets new User Interface, and more…

Good news for ObjectiveMarketer fans.

I am very excited to unveil ObjectiveMarketer with its all new Look and Feel, today. ObjectiveMarketer is one of the leading platforms for Social Media management and marketing, and it makes me doubly excited to announce the addition of new reporting functionality with the brand new interface.

ObjectiveMarketer gets a New Look and Feel, and more...

ObjectiveMarketer gets a New Look and Feel, and more...

ObjectiveMarketer’s new design includes a change in the color scheme, and better navigation. The  color scheme stands out on the screen with shades of Blue, and represents the hues of Web 3.0 and Twitter. The change in the look and feel of the tabs is designed to make it much easier than before to navigate between features.  Few changes that existing users of ObjectiveMarketer will notice include:

  1. Report Tab (New)-  This has two options as of now : Campaign Summary Report and Campaign Metrics Comparison Reports. The Campaign Summary report gives information about the levels of Activity, Engagement and value for each campaign. The  “more” link in the same report provides information about the aggregate sum of all Campaign Activity and Engagements.

    ObjectiveMarketer Reports Tab

    Reports Tab is added in the main menu.

  2. Date / Time Range (New) – ObjectiveMarketer users can specify the Date /Time Range, including Today, Last 7 Days, Month to Date, Year to Date etc. The data in the report will be pulled at an aggregate level for the selected date/time range*.

    ObjectiveMarketer Reports can generate results on Date/Time Range

    Generate Reports based on Date/Time Range

  3. Tags is now a part of the Report Tab.
  4. Stream (real time Twitter Search, and engagement tool) is moved into the Tabs interface, as it is an integral part of the application.
  5. Search and Calendar have moved right, on to a new place.

    ObjectiveMarketer Calendar

    ObjectiveMarketer Calendar

  6. Post button (the heart of it all) gets a new icon – and who knows, this icon becomes synonymous to ObjectiveMarketer.

    Post Message Icon

    Post Message gets a new Icon

  7. The Accounts Link and Preferences options have been added to the Admin Tab.
  8. Trends – We are taking away Trends from this version of ObjectiveMarketer. If you select Trends (Reports Tab), you will get a message. We have great plans for the Trends but, we will build it on a different set of priorities.
  9. Help Links (New) – The all new help links are added to provide documentation about ObjectiveMarketer. Users should keep following the support portalor Slideshare Channels for more info on product features and FAQs.

    ObjectiveMarketer Help Resources

    ObjectiveMarketer Help Resources

Today’s news doesn’t stop at the User Interface and Usability features.  I will take the opportunity to share that in the near term future we are going to add several new upgrades to the product that will make sharing, managing, measuring and your overall social experience, even more powerful, even more enjoyable and even more rewarding.

To check out the brand new ObjectiveMarketer, go on over to http://app.objectivemarketer.com. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Clarification that the new ObjectiveMarketer will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks.

Post by: Amita Paul, CEO of ObjectiveMarketer

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