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Facebook announces new features

September 28, 2011 Leave a comment

When it comes to Noise filtering, Facebook’s efforts are noticeable. Borrowing concepts, we are already familiar with, from Twitter or Google+, Facebook has advanced them to make Facebook Feeds more relevant to individual users.  The second feature, Tickers, brings back life to real-time conversation. The two features that are recently announced:

News Feed: See What Matters at the Top

The definition of “See what matters” is very crucial – and definitely one that will make this whole hoopla about “Noise Control” and “Relevancy” real. Facebook’s new News Feed feature works around the frequency of a users visit on Facebook. News Feed will deliver more recent news as “top stories” to a frequent Facebook’er. However, it will curate a set of “interesting” content – I assume, posts with photos and videos, and one with more shares+likes+comments – and, make it a part of the top stories for an infrequent visitor.

Ticker: For Real-time Conversations and Updates 

Basically, it means ignore all the “Top Stories” complications as described above, and see all updates as they happen – real time, in a side panel or a “Ticker”. I can see  how it can be useful, addictive, and interesting.

The  sharing control or apps settings allow users to set and adjust their News Feed and Ticker to their own liking.  While, these features are interesting, and have clear difference in how updates will be seen – the initial response from the user base is at best, mixed.

Where is my Post?

The following video is a user’s first reaction to the NewsFeed changes. As it appears, to someone who is not aware of the change, this could be annoying.

Next, we will talk about Google+ a bit. Because, I believe, Search + Social has tremendous power.

Fan Page or Website?

December 13, 2010 1 comment

Typically, when you are launching a new product or service, you consider starting a new website, or adding a section on your existing site to promote and provide information about the launch. Now, with Facebook Fan Pages, the concept of destination websites are changing. Instead of investing resources in building a website, businesses are finding it easy to create a Fan Page and far more beneficial to leverage the community effects of fan base.

The following question was asked in a Q&A forum to social media expert Guy Kawasaki (Disclosure: Advisor to ObjectiveMarketer):

“I’m a small business entrepreneur, and I’ll be introducing a consumer product soon. Should I create a website for my company or a Facebook fan page?”

Guy Kawasaki responded in detail based off his personal experience of creating a Fan Page for new and coming book Enchantment. In his own words “For you, the bottom line is that if you’re small business owner who is busy, impatient, cheap, picky and realistic (shallowness is optional) and want to ride a tsunami rather than roll your own sand castle, then it’s time to consider a Facebook fan page instead of a free-standing website.”

Now, you may or not agree to all mentioned there, but you will definitely find some key takeaways to help your decision.The complete reasoning for opting for a Fan Page, and the benefits plus words of caution can be found on this American Express Open Forum site ““.

We will next cover an interesting topic about the SEO worth of Facebook Pages. Any suggestions, case studies, or related experience – please email

How Non-Profits can use Facebook successfully

Using Facebook, Non-Profits can generate Awareness and Raise Funds

Facebook for Non-ProfitsWhile non-profits may not allocate extra funds to stakeholders, charitable organizations still have a bottom line — to spread their message and accomplish their mission. To do this, strategic planning, which includes digital outreach, is involved. That’s why a growing number of non-profits are using social media to draw attention to their goals.

And what better way to start with Facebook, the undisputed leader of the social media space as the medium of choice. It makes sense to create a presence on one of the top five Web sites on the Internet where people are already regularly visiting rather than expecting users to find you.

It serves the need of sensitizing vast sections of the population with the issue your organization holds so close its heart. Help everyone throughout the world be a part of the great cause each of the non profits support and believe in so passionately.

If your nonprofit has video content, podcasts, interviews, or documents just languishing on your desktop, creating a presence on Facebook provides an easy way to upload these types of media, without spending the time or resources required for updating your own Web site.

It can allow organizations to plug into an existing audience of organizations that have opted into similar interest groups. It can also help organizations collaborate, connect easily, and increase their network of volunteer and supporters.

Facebook gives organizations a venue to quickly broadcast a message to a large list without getting blacklisted by an Internet service provider (ISP) or having their message get caught in a spam filter. In addition, the event-posting capabilities allow organizations to advertise upcoming events easily and efficiently.

The top ways to make it work for your non profit:

Inspire Direct Action! : Social-friendly applications Tweet4Good, SixDegrees and even PayPal make accepting on-the-spot donations easy for non-profits and mission-driven organizations. Make it easy for people who want to give, and put one of these tools to use now

Monitor & Engage : Facebook Social Ads tap into the incredible treasure trove of information people publish about themselves. It’s easily the most valuable marketing database on Earth – Microsoft invested $240 million for a 1.6% stake in Facebook. Use a publishing and analytics solution that heps you optimize on the time and frequency of your messages.

Crowd sourcing : Ask your users and leverage on the millions of ideas from the users. Ask for new strategies, ways to raise fund or even a tagline. Build on each other’s creativity in an unpredictably powerful way.

Now that you have kick started your awesome facebook page to support your cause; it’s time for some expert and professional service to truly unleash the power of social media for your organization. We at ObjectiveMarketer have helped Non-Profits like and many others in their endeavor to increase public awareness and involvement, by using revolutionary social networking solutions to all your social media marketing needs. Sign up now for a Free trial or write to us at to find out about the discount rates we offer for Non-Profits and how ObjectiveMarketer can be of service to your non-profit.

ObjectiveMarketer Release 3.0 – Refreshingly Cool Upgrades!

ObjectiveMarketer New Release :Refreshingly cool!

Yes, you can relax, while you run Social Media Campaigns!

It’s a big day at ObjectiveMarketer as we announce our new release! We have been working hard to build efficiency into the platform, such that you get more done, with greater impact and in lesser time. Loaded with refreshingly cool features, this summer release is all set to take the heat off your social media initiatives. So, relax, sit-back and enjoy- and let ObjectiveMarketer do the work for you!

Get details of the new release in embeddable SlideShare presentation here.

As one of the leading Social Media Management Platforms, our endeavor remains in helping businesses become Social Media Efficient. And, with ObjectiveMarketer 3.0, the new capabilities are designed to bring more visibility into social ROI and to make social media efforts more strategic for businesses. The key benefits of ObjectiveMarketer 3.0 release are highlighted here:

  • #EaseofUse: Sophisticated, yet easy. How wonderful!
    • Completely revamped User Interface with easy visual cues
  • #Engage: Integrated Follower /Fan Management
    • Rule based Auto Follow and Auto DM for Twitter
    • Trends and Stats of Follower and Fan acquisition.
    • Twitter Keyword Streams with Reply/Retweet options
    • Facebook Comments /Twitter Mentions / User Stats and Follow back
  • #ROI: Comprehensive Reporting Interface
    • Multiple dimensional view of stats and aggregated data
    • Generate pre-formatted, downloadable PDF reports
    • Overall Campaign Performance with user defined VALUE of each initiative
    • Mentions / Influencers / Amplifier Data as leads and follow-ups
    • Filter by Date/time range and export to CSV
  • #Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other pieces of Social CRM
    • Rich set of APIs to integrate with Native CRM or to build custom widgets
    • White-label solution to offer custom service based off ObjectiveMarketer’s technology

We are happy to have customers who range from Fortune 100 companies to single employee businesses  (or their agencies)– as we get to study, understand and work with them in implementing wide range of applicability of Social Media in their businesses. We are setting the stage for new generation of Marketing. And we welcome you to be with us. New users Sign up Now for 14 days Free Trial:

Book reading goes social…again.

Journey of a Book – From Prints to Kindle to Twitter

Book Cover The sight of someone reading a book is usually a conversation starter.  You can find the nature of a man, by the cover of the book he is  reading – well, the cover, the title and in many cases, the thickness of  the book suggests a lot about the person reading the book.   I came  across this interesting blog post, where the author tries to find out  what the daily commuters read on local trains, travelling to and from  their work. However, in the era of digital books or e-books, made  more popular through readers like Kindle, Nook or iPad, this “cover  story” no longer holds true. You can not find anything about the  person besides, that he/she is tech-savvy.

Kindle makes book reading social again.

Kindle, an Amazon product, which has 60% of the market share for e-book readers today has rolled out an upgrade to its readers, which makes book reading social again. Now Kindle users can share a line from the book on Twitter and Facebook.  This opens up a new way of sharing what you are reading with your online social group, searching for like-minded individuals through books that they are reading and for publishers, to find out more about the book readership. Few things that need consideration include, copyright issues. Will book publishers allow pictures to be shared on twitter, Facebook and, how are sensitive issues controlled.  Well, we will see.

Using Kindle, book reading can now be a great conversation starter, again!

Read more on this upgrade from Kindle on this InformationWeek article.

On Spotlight: Preview before you post to Facebook

We have a large number of customers, who actively manage their Facebook Fan Page accounts to promote exclusive deals. During one of our webinar sessions, a request that was voted top across board was “Can we have the ability to customize the Facebook link preview?”.

A Facebook Link preview is generated by facebook when you share a Link.  If you do not have the ability to customize how the preview will look like, then Facebook will make a default selection for the Preview Image and Description.

For example, if you are sharing a link from the default preview that gets generated is shown below:

Mis-Matched Preview of Link on Facebook with the Content

Mis-Matched Preview of Link on Facebook with the Content

As can be seen, this image (Login) and the description conveys absolutely no meaning to the viewer. We thought the capability to edit preview of links on Facebook had a huge benefit.

So, here we go!

We have added a new feature in the Post Message functionality, where by, users can preview and edit how their messages will look like on Facebook, before publishing.

To use:

1. Click Post Message in ObjectiveMarketer
2. Write your message (For e.g.Have you checked out ObjectiveMarketer?
3. Click on the “More” link just below the post message box. This displays a randomly selected image, and a description.

Customize your Facebook Preview before your Post from ObjectiveMarketer

Customize your Facebook Preview before your Post from ObjectiveMarketer

4. You can click on the right and left arrow keys to select the image you want to be shown.
5. You can click on the editable text box, and enter the actual text that you want displayed next to the image. For example “Sign up NOW for 30 days free trial”

Post to Facebook. Preview Message

Post to Facebook. Edit the Message

6. Select the Facebook / Page that you want this displayed.
7. That is all. This is how it shows up in the Page:

Message displayed on Facebook

Edited Message displayed on Facebook

It is very important to maximize interaction, at every user touch point. With this new capability, ObjectiveMarketer users can customize the way their links are described on Facebook.

Do we have a winner here?

It's a winner!

Demo of ObectiveMarketer to Institution of European Union

October 6, 2009 3 comments

Yesterday, I presented ObjectiveMarketer to a delegate of CIOs from European Union . This group of high profile IT executives from the European Union was visiting the silicon valley to study trends of emerging technologies. They are scheduled to meet with industry spearheaders like Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft and very few startups.

It was an honor to get invited to present to this team. Thanks to the organizers at Cisco Anne Lange and Simon Willis, and my advisor Marylene-Delbourg Delphis in making this happen.  The feedback  from the team was very encouraging. In their words “ObjectiveMarketer was a very clever concept and ‘bound to succeed” product. They went on to mention that ObjectiveMarketer was the best presentation of the day. They had been to the Facebook Office before the ObjectiveMarketer presentation.

I believe, this is a great testimony from a very aware group of people. We spent the evening over a sumptuous dinner at Zizzibo in Palo Alto and discussions on politics, european markets and trends, and of course ObectiveMarketer. Some pictures from the evening –