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Campaign HeatMaps – Know your Campaign Sweet-Spot

We have figured it out, more or less, that the best day to launch an email campaign is  “Tuesday” – based on logic as well as stats collected on click percentage the emails receive when sent out during the week.

Social Media usage is very different than email usage. And, as such to come up with a generic benchmark like with emails, may not be ideal – and also too pre-mature at this stage. The best benchmark would be to know from your own stats, generated by interactions from your own followers / fans of social channels – suggesting the days and times, when your audience is most attentive. Again, depending on what type of message it is (for e.g. promotional v/s casual) the response of your audience would be different.

Campaign sweetSpot - ObjectiveMarketer HeatMap
Campaign Sweet-Spot: ObjectiveMarketer Heat-Map

ObjectiveMarketer has a very useful feature to provide you with an answer to the “sweetspot” question for your campaigns and it is called Campaign HeatMap. It shows you the aggregate performance of all clicks in your campaign in a day of the week X time of the day matrix. Getting this information at the campaign level also helps identify the pattern for different kind of messages. This graph visually tells you on what day and at what time, your campaign has received maximum number of clicks.

Now, you can use this information when you are deciding to launch a big announcement. Based on your past stats and patterns of clicks received by your audience, this can be a crucial piece of information you need to get a sense of timing for your campaigns.

What more information you think can make this heatmap more useful? Please, do share with us!Let’s begin the conversation.

If you would like to try this feature and several other such useful capabilities of ObjectiveMarketer, please sign up for 15 days free trial at


ObjectiveMarketer Release 3.0 – Refreshingly Cool Upgrades!

ObjectiveMarketer New Release :Refreshingly cool!

Yes, you can relax, while you run Social Media Campaigns!

It’s a big day at ObjectiveMarketer as we announce our new release! We have been working hard to build efficiency into the platform, such that you get more done, with greater impact and in lesser time. Loaded with refreshingly cool features, this summer release is all set to take the heat off your social media initiatives. So, relax, sit-back and enjoy- and let ObjectiveMarketer do the work for you!

Get details of the new release in embeddable SlideShare presentation here.

As one of the leading Social Media Management Platforms, our endeavor remains in helping businesses become Social Media Efficient. And, with ObjectiveMarketer 3.0, the new capabilities are designed to bring more visibility into social ROI and to make social media efforts more strategic for businesses. The key benefits of ObjectiveMarketer 3.0 release are highlighted here:

  • #EaseofUse: Sophisticated, yet easy. How wonderful!
    • Completely revamped User Interface with easy visual cues
  • #Engage: Integrated Follower /Fan Management
    • Rule based Auto Follow and Auto DM for Twitter
    • Trends and Stats of Follower and Fan acquisition.
    • Twitter Keyword Streams with Reply/Retweet options
    • Facebook Comments /Twitter Mentions / User Stats and Follow back
  • #ROI: Comprehensive Reporting Interface
    • Multiple dimensional view of stats and aggregated data
    • Generate pre-formatted, downloadable PDF reports
    • Overall Campaign Performance with user defined VALUE of each initiative
    • Mentions / Influencers / Amplifier Data as leads and follow-ups
    • Filter by Date/time range and export to CSV
  • #Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other pieces of Social CRM
    • Rich set of APIs to integrate with Native CRM or to build custom widgets
    • White-label solution to offer custom service based off ObjectiveMarketer’s technology

We are happy to have customers who range from Fortune 100 companies to single employee businesses  (or their agencies)– as we get to study, understand and work with them in implementing wide range of applicability of Social Media in their businesses. We are setting the stage for new generation of Marketing. And we welcome you to be with us. New users Sign up Now for 14 days Free Trial:

Why ObjectiveMarketer Engagement Streams are better than others?

Every time we add a new feature to ObjectiveMarketer, we ask a simple question – “How does it tie to Metrics”? And we make sure it does, for every single feature that gets incorporated.

We asked the same question, when we added our Engagement Streams.  Engagement streams are usually referred to as ways with which you can listen to what others are saying, and possibly engage in a conversation with them. We have seen quite a few variations of engagement streams – sleek (some call it “sexy”) way to group and organize the conversation of your interest.However, when we designed our Engagement Stream, we did more than add a fancy UI to the monitored keywords/mentions. We made them measurable. And this is how.

ObjectiveMarketer’s Engagement Streams are associated with campaigns, and helps you answer the following:

ObjectiveMarketer Engagement Streams

ObjectiveMarketer Engagement Streams

Engagement Streams are tied to Campaigns in ObjectiveMarketer

Engagement Streams are tied to Campaigns in ObjectiveMarketer

1. How many messages that were repleed to had negative (or positive) sentiments?

2. How many conversation happened with originator or with a retweeter?

3. What is the impact of this Retweeter for my overall campaign (is he/she an amplifier?). For my account?

4. What are the stats from RTs that I do for a particular keyword?

5. If I share the tweet of a keyword on other channels, how does it match up?

As can be seen, over and beyond the ability to use your groups of messages by keywords, ObjectiveMarketer allows you to get more insightful about the actions that you take on these keywords. This is because, all the actions on the monitored keywords are completely tied to the campaigns in ObjectiveMarketer.

Listening, when accompanied with measurable actions, makes it a complete engagement process.

If you are interested to learn more about ObjectiveMarketer, sign up for FREE 30 days trial at or email for demo or other inquiries.

Social Media is No guess game. With ObjectiveMarketer, not any more.

Social Media Campaigns are becoming more and more complex with multiple channels, distributed segments, different personas – and so the solutions to manage these campaigns effectively are becoming more than essential in order to reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.  As the new channels emerge, the strategies and the implementation of these strategies have to be completely aligned to the nature of the channels. ObjectiveMarketer going in this direction has developed the most powerful, and industry’s first campaign management platform that helps organizations to manage, monitor and measure different kind of communications across multiple social media channels. With ObjectiveMarketer, traditional marketers can easily transition to the new channels, and at the same time adopt to the new rules of the game, effortlessly.

Objective Marketer today is the market leader in management of Social Media thanks to a meaningful product that provides relevant features to manage and measure marketing campaigns:

1.     Integrated goal oriented campaign management system
2.     Comprehensive Analytics – Multiple dimensions (Tags, time, geography, historical, trend, browser etc)
3.     Content Integration – Polls, Landing Pages (Patent Pending), Tags, Distribution List, media library
4.     User Management – Roles, permissions and access control
5.     Automation / Scheduling / RSS Feeds
6.     Buzz monitoring – trend, context and sentiments (NPS)

ObjectiveMarketer constantly thrives to give you the best solution to manage and measure you campaigns. As you run your campaigns through ObjectiveMarketer, you find ways to create your own benchmark, and set yourself for success that is achievable, and repeatable. If you want to take the guess game out of Social Media, then ObjectiveMarketer is your player.

Now, you can avail the 30 days free trial. To sign up for the free trial, visit or send an email to for more information about the product and pricing.

Drafts and Notes make teamwork more efficient

September 24, 2009 1 comment

The new Drafts and Notes feature of ObjectiveMarketer is poised to make it more efficient for teams to collaborate and be effective with social media campaigns. With this feature, a draft of the message to be published can be saved for review and worked upon by a team working on a campaign.

Drafts and Notes feature in ObjectiveMarketer

Drafts and Notes feature in ObjectiveMarketer

To use this feature, do the following:

  1. Click on POST MESSAGE button in the application UI
  2. OR
  3. Click on the POST2OM Bookmark in your browser window
  4. In the POST MESSAGE UI, select the Campaign, and in the PUBLISH WHEN section, select “Draft for Review” Option
  5. To Review the draft,  go to CAMPAIGNS -> CAMPAIGN NAME -> POSTS for REVIEW
  6. To Edit, click on EDIT next to the message.
  7. To add a note, click on NOTE next to the message.

There are several use cases for the Drafts and Notes, some are listed below:

  1. Identify few topics that you want to share. Save the draft of messages, and publish them when you have identified good articles related to the topic.
  2. One team member is assigned the task to drafts all messages, and second team member reviews it before publishing
  3. Collaborate and work as a team, before picking the final list to be publish
  4. While, you are identifying the right channel, park the message as draft

These are just a few use cases. Possibilities are immense. If you can think of a use case, please share.

On Twitter: Experiment with a Strategy

Businesses that are apprehensive about the potential of Twitter as a business channel are right in thinking that Twitter is yet to be proven as an alternative or a parallel channel for businesses. There are myriads of brands already on Twitter but, we have not yet seen an example of a sustainable, repeatable business case coming out of the channel.  For one, it is still very new to get a trend of sorts. And secondly, businesses are still experimenting – including the ones that have been leading the pack and apparently, have decoded the potion.

It is a good idea to experiment – even better, if you have a Strategy in place. In absence of any industry average or case study, a strategy will provide businesses to compare results with their own past experiments.  Listed below are 10 questions that must be answered before running any campaign on twitter :

1.  What is the Goal of the message that you are sending – Retention, Acquisition, Awareness…?

2.  How will you define Campaign Success – # CTRs, #ReTweets, #Mentions, #purchase made, #customer acquired?

3.  How aligned is your messaging with your Target Audience?

4.  What are the best days, and best time of each day for your messages?

5. What is optimum Frequency of messages that you send out? Does Batch Messaging work? Should you be repeating a message?

6. What is the lifetime of a message? When was the last action on a particular message (Clicks, ReTweets..)

7. How do you identify the Influencing Factors – people, messages, external events? What action you would take to keep the influencing factors work more for you?

8. Is there a role of Creatives? Should you change the look and feel of website that you drive users to? Do you need to change it with message content?

9. Is Twitter the only channel for a particular campaign? Do you plan to use traditional and other social media channels like Facebook?

10. How will you handle the response from a campaign – positive or negative? Do you have a plan in place?

These are the questions that you must ask before you start a campaign. You will see, your experiments are indeed leading you to decode the potion! Once, you have the strategies in place, you can use a marketing platform like ObjectiveMarketer to execute your campaign strategy and measure the performance –  Pretty much, get answers to all the 10 points mentioned above!

Strategy for Managing Followers on Twitter

One of the common use cases of marketing on Twitter is its usefulness as a channel for lead generation. Getting to that critical mass, which can be an asset to a company, is any marketers dream, be it traditional channel of marketing or social media.

In this article, let us evaluate a strategy to classify followers on Twitter and identify critical mass, along with appropriate actions. It goes without saying, the starting step for this strategy on twitter is to Listen, Understand,Categorize. And Repeat.

The picture below illustrates how followers can be classified on two dimensions: Involvement and Interest*

Classify Followers on two dimensions: Involvement and Interest

Classify Followers on two dimensions: Involvement and Interest

  1. Low Interest and Active – These are the followers who talk in varied topics, not all of which are related to your topic of interest. At the same time these followers are very active on twitter. The strategy that will work here is to Nurture them; educate them in the area of your expertise. The goal will be to move this set to “high interest” zone.
  2. High Interest and Passive – These are the followers who talk about topics that match your areas of interest. But, they are not very active. The strategy with this group will be to Engage them. Ask questions and give replies on a continuous basis. The goal will be to move them to “Active” zone.
  3. High Interest and Active – This is the absolutely desirable group to have.  Not only do they speak your language, but they do so often. It is this segment where you will find your influencers and promoters.  And most active users are not necessarily neutral.If you do not quickly Convert them, remember your competitors might get them and they can soon become detractors for you.
  4. Low Interest and Passive – These are those followers you probably got using the “Increase Follower” tool.  They are not interested in what you have to say, nor do they care, as they are passive. The best strategy is to not spend much time on this group. Try engaging and nurturing – if the users do not move to either “active” or “high interest” zone – Ignore them.

* SentimentNow(TM) technology of ObjectiveMarketer can actually show mapping of your and your audience’ similarity of interests.

This is a simple strategy, but will be very effective when marketers are planning their campaigns and evaluating the strength of their target audience on Twitter. Identifying the influencers is key strategy to a successful Viral Campaign on Twitter.

It would be interesting to get more views on this topic.