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Rule Based Follower Management in ObjectiveMarketer – Follow Back

If you have used ObjectiveMarketer you will know by now that every capability that we add is guided by our vision of “Making Social Media Efficient For Businesses“. Comprehensive, yet easy is the key – and keeping true to the thoughts above, we have added a powerful feature in Release 3.0 to set conditional follow-back rules that will make your routine tasks easy and automated, while adding value in the process.

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Auto Follow Management

Follower Management is a key to any social media engagement process. Have you ever wondered – “should I follow back one and all who followed me on Twitter, like some experts practice” or “should I be selective in my process?


Usually, follow-back is a manual process where you take a look at the follower’s user profile to get more information like: when was the last post written, how long this person is on Twitter, what does the bio say etc. This can become cumbersome and inefficient after sometime. And, to keep a tab on how many followers you followed in day – I am sure, many of us don’t have an answer.  There is a solution to this problem!


Rule Based Auto Follow Management
Rule Based Auto Follow Management

Now with ObjectiveMarketer, you can provide multiple rules to Follow, Not-Follow or Ignore based on several criterion like:

  • Total number of status updates
  • Last Updated
  • Age of Account
  • Friends Count
  • Followers Count
  • Keyword matching Bio

You can set up Auto Follow Rules, from the Account Management Screen in ObjectiveMarketer. Once you have set up these rules for Twitter, ObjectiveMarketer will take care of managing who to follow (or not) based on the rules you have specified.

Hey of course, you can follow back everyone who follows  you by setting rules. It’s completely up to you.


You will notice that with properly set policies, and timely optimizing these,  your follower base will start growing on their own.

Good to see a lot of you relaxing, already!

Next we will see how you can setup Auto Direct Message in ObjectiveMarketer.


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