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Fan Page or Website?

December 13, 2010 1 comment

Typically, when you are launching a new product or service, you consider starting a new website, or adding a section on your existing site to promote and provide information about the launch. Now, with Facebook Fan Pages, the concept of destination websites are changing. Instead of investing resources in building a website, businesses are finding it easy to create a Fan Page and far more beneficial to leverage the community effects of fan base.

The following question was asked in a Q&A forum to social media expert Guy Kawasaki (Disclosure: Advisor to ObjectiveMarketer):

“I’m a small business entrepreneur, and I’ll be introducing a consumer product soon. Should I create a website for my company or a Facebook fan page?”

Guy Kawasaki responded in detail based off his personal experience of creating a Fan Page for new and coming book Enchantment. In his own words “For you, the bottom line is that if you’re small business owner who is busy, impatient, cheap, picky and realistic (shallowness is optional) and want to ride a tsunami rather than roll your own sand castle, then it’s time to consider a Facebook fan page instead of a free-standing website.”

Now, you may or not agree to all mentioned there, but you will definitely find some key takeaways to help your decision.The complete reasoning for opting for a Fan Page, and the benefits plus words of caution can be found on this American Express Open Forum site ““.

We will next cover an interesting topic about the SEO worth of Facebook Pages. Any suggestions, case studies, or related experience – please email


Rule Based Follower Management in ObjectiveMarketer – Follow Back

If you have used ObjectiveMarketer you will know by now that every capability that we add is guided by our vision of “Making Social Media Efficient For Businesses“. Comprehensive, yet easy is the key – and keeping true to the thoughts above, we have added a powerful feature in Release 3.0 to set conditional follow-back rules that will make your routine tasks easy and automated, while adding value in the process.

Let me see what you have got… Sign me up Now!

Auto Follow Management

Follower Management is a key to any social media engagement process. Have you ever wondered – “should I follow back one and all who followed me on Twitter, like some experts practice” or “should I be selective in my process?


Usually, follow-back is a manual process where you take a look at the follower’s user profile to get more information like: when was the last post written, how long this person is on Twitter, what does the bio say etc. This can become cumbersome and inefficient after sometime. And, to keep a tab on how many followers you followed in day – I am sure, many of us don’t have an answer.  There is a solution to this problem!


Rule Based Auto Follow Management
Rule Based Auto Follow Management

Now with ObjectiveMarketer, you can provide multiple rules to Follow, Not-Follow or Ignore based on several criterion like:

  • Total number of status updates
  • Last Updated
  • Age of Account
  • Friends Count
  • Followers Count
  • Keyword matching Bio

You can set up Auto Follow Rules, from the Account Management Screen in ObjectiveMarketer. Once you have set up these rules for Twitter, ObjectiveMarketer will take care of managing who to follow (or not) based on the rules you have specified.

Hey of course, you can follow back everyone who follows  you by setting rules. It’s completely up to you.


You will notice that with properly set policies, and timely optimizing these,  your follower base will start growing on their own.

Good to see a lot of you relaxing, already!

Next we will see how you can setup Auto Direct Message in ObjectiveMarketer.

ObjectiveMarketer gets new User Interface, and more…

Good news for ObjectiveMarketer fans.

I am very excited to unveil ObjectiveMarketer with its all new Look and Feel, today. ObjectiveMarketer is one of the leading platforms for Social Media management and marketing, and it makes me doubly excited to announce the addition of new reporting functionality with the brand new interface.

ObjectiveMarketer gets a New Look and Feel, and more...

ObjectiveMarketer gets a New Look and Feel, and more...

ObjectiveMarketer’s new design includes a change in the color scheme, and better navigation. The  color scheme stands out on the screen with shades of Blue, and represents the hues of Web 3.0 and Twitter. The change in the look and feel of the tabs is designed to make it much easier than before to navigate between features.  Few changes that existing users of ObjectiveMarketer will notice include:

  1. Report Tab (New)-  This has two options as of now : Campaign Summary Report and Campaign Metrics Comparison Reports. The Campaign Summary report gives information about the levels of Activity, Engagement and value for each campaign. The  “more” link in the same report provides information about the aggregate sum of all Campaign Activity and Engagements.

    ObjectiveMarketer Reports Tab

    Reports Tab is added in the main menu.

  2. Date / Time Range (New) – ObjectiveMarketer users can specify the Date /Time Range, including Today, Last 7 Days, Month to Date, Year to Date etc. The data in the report will be pulled at an aggregate level for the selected date/time range*.

    ObjectiveMarketer Reports can generate results on Date/Time Range

    Generate Reports based on Date/Time Range

  3. Tags is now a part of the Report Tab.
  4. Stream (real time Twitter Search, and engagement tool) is moved into the Tabs interface, as it is an integral part of the application.
  5. Search and Calendar have moved right, on to a new place.

    ObjectiveMarketer Calendar

    ObjectiveMarketer Calendar

  6. Post button (the heart of it all) gets a new icon – and who knows, this icon becomes synonymous to ObjectiveMarketer.

    Post Message Icon

    Post Message gets a new Icon

  7. The Accounts Link and Preferences options have been added to the Admin Tab.
  8. Trends – We are taking away Trends from this version of ObjectiveMarketer. If you select Trends (Reports Tab), you will get a message. We have great plans for the Trends but, we will build it on a different set of priorities.
  9. Help Links (New) – The all new help links are added to provide documentation about ObjectiveMarketer. Users should keep following the support portalor Slideshare Channels for more info on product features and FAQs.

    ObjectiveMarketer Help Resources

    ObjectiveMarketer Help Resources

Today’s news doesn’t stop at the User Interface and Usability features.  I will take the opportunity to share that in the near term future we are going to add several new upgrades to the product that will make sharing, managing, measuring and your overall social experience, even more powerful, even more enjoyable and even more rewarding.

To check out the brand new ObjectiveMarketer, go on over to Enjoy!

UPDATE: Clarification that the new ObjectiveMarketer will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks.

Post by: Amita Paul, CEO of ObjectiveMarketer

“ObjectiveMarketer is innovating the way I use Twitter” – Ken E Kaplan

What a better day for an entrepreneur than to hear good words about her product from users. Ken E Kaplan from Intel, who uses ObjectiveMarketer for Intel’s Social Media Campaigns made such positive comments about the product, that I could not help but share. This is what Ken thinks of ObjectiveMarketer –

Ken loves ObjectiveMarketer :)

Ken loves ObjectiveMarketer 🙂

“I’m really enjoying Objective Marketer. It’s got me thinking more about organizing and tagging Tweets, scheduling and finding what time and what topics of most popular. Now I’m really interested in the possibilities for OM helping me team up with others for events and on-going communications efforts. If nothing else, OM is innovating the way I use Twitter.” – Ken E Kaplan (@kenekaplan)

Thank you, Ken. While, you know that we are churning by the day, and surprising you each time, I want my readers to note that we are continuously innovating to keep pace with the emerging media. With ObjectiveMarketer, you will find the most valuable implementation of your social media strategies.

It is interesting to note that Ken made this comment on a Facebook update where I had mentioned about Guy Kawasaki’s experience with ObjectiveMarketer. I leave you all with this comment also (somewhere, a woman entrepreneur is getting mushy 🙂 )

“RT @guykawasaki @mcoquet I use Objective Marketer to tweet. I get more metrics and campaign features with Twitter than anyone in the world!”

Twitter Hacked – What top bloggers have to say?

Twitter internal was hacked, the other day. Techcrunch published the hacked data. A large part of the twitter-verse cried foul.

Alltop’s Guy Kawasaki asked this question on Twitter – “Should TechCrunch publish internal documents stolen from Twitter?”.

  • 74.3% said “No, somethings are more important that page views”
  • 25.7% said “Yes, Everything is fair in love, war and journalism”

… in a poll with 1028 votes so far. If you have not voted yet, and want to make your say, you can do so by clicking

The entire incident has raised several questions on the ethics of journalism. There is a difference between sharing news and selling sensational story.  Any “S” word sells today! I am an avid fan and follower of Techcrunch. I read it almost, every day, sometimes, several times during the day. The way this story was presented, will not stop me from going to Techcrunch. But, it did make me cringe. I would have liked to see Techcrunch (Michael Arrington) stand up as an example, and not “react to the reaction” saying “If we did not publish, somebody else would have”. This is not convincing at all.

The story was covered in where 4 top-notch bloggers where asked to comment on the entire episode. Please, follow the link below for the streaming of this discussion, straight from

Click here for an interesting rapid fire coverage.

Please, feel free to share your views in the comments below.

PS: With pleasure, we want to point out that AllTop poll that was featured in the video, is powered by ObjectiveMarketer.