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ObjectiveMarketer Integrates SlideShare to its Multichannel Campaign Management Platform for Social Media

Share your Presentations via ObjectiveMarketer

Share your Presentations with ObjectiveMarketer

With the ability to upload presentations on SlideShare.net, ObjectiveMarketer users can now reach their audience in more meaningful ways, and run a more targeted campaign across multiple social media channels.

As you know, with ObjectiveMarketer social media managers have the ability to manage the end-to-end process of their social media initiatives:

1. From the planning stage across a team

2. To the distribution across multiple media channels

3. All the way to the analytics evaluating the effectiveness of messages.

In addition to the support for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ping.fm, YouTube and Google Analytics, we are happy to announce the addition of SlideShare to our multi-channel offering.

SlideShare.net is a website that allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and Word documents to be viewed and shared with their online community. It is an effective channel to get the most out of presentations or PDF documents – whether they are informational, educational, or promotional – as it helps users to make connections, increase the reach of presentations, and serves as a very effective discovery and search channel.

The social media landscape today is defined by relevancy, ubiquity, and ease of access. Your message needs to be contextual and distributed in the right medium, to be effective. We have added SlideShare as it is a great way for marketers to present their message about their brand, product features or to express their thought leadership.

The messages sent through ObjectiveMarketer are organized by campaigns, enabling a granular view of each initiative, which, in turn, helps social media managers to fine-tune, prioritize or optimize their communication strategy based on the feedbacks provided by each social media environment. When presentations are shared on Slideshare, ObjectiveMarketer users can associate each presentation to a campaign such that they can see the stats and evaluate the performance of the campaigns, based on views, comments and other user interaction parameters, thus helping social media managers to gain full visibility on channel performance.

ObjectiveMarketer users can upload presentations or documents to Slideshare, by adding the Slideshare account information in the application. To get more information on how to use SlideShare with ObjectiveMarketer, please read the support documentation here: http://support.objectivemarketer.com/entries/130523-slideshare

Enterprises, or agencies interested in making ObjectiveMarketer an integral part of their social media strategy can sign up for 30 days free trial by signing up at http://app.objectivemarketer.com or send an email to info@Objectivemarketer.com for more information.

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