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Feature Update: Bulk Upload extends to publishing on Fan Pages

ObjectiveMarketer users who like the simplicity, efficiency and usefulness of Bulk Upload method to schedule messages for Twitter, had just one request – allow publishing to Pages as well. We have customers who manage 100+ Twitter and 100+  Facebook pages using ObjectiveMarketer, and they find Bulk Upload method a very efficient way to manage the schedules of their messages on Twitter.  For those of you who are new to Bulk Upload Method, it allows you to schedule large number of messages, each with different attributes (campaign name, twitter account, date/time/repeat preference), in one single click of a button. Until recently, the bulk upload method could only be used to schedule messages for Twitter. We have now added the ability to schedule messages for Twitter, Fan Page, or both using the Bulk Upload Method.

Using the excel template like this one , users can create their messages with different attributes and paste the messages in a specific format in the Bulk Schedule Interface in ObjectiveMarketer.  The instructions to use the Bulk Upload Method using the template, is mentioned below:

  1. In the Excel Sheet – Write or Copy and Paste the message (including URL) in column A
  2. Copy and Paste the campaign name in column C (It is the same name, as it appears on your account in OM. Please, observe case. If Campaign Name is “Test”, do not write “test”
  3. Copy and Paste the Twitter Account in Column D. Do not put @ sign.We automatically append it.
  4. StartTime – the format is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss This is a formula field. The first date is hard coded, and the subsequent date/time is set to increment by 30 minutes. You can edit the formula in cell G3.
  5. Repeat’s are set to 1, meaning no repeat.
  6. NEW! The Facebook Page column (Column M) is optional, which is to be populated with the ID of the Facebook Page, to which the message is to be published. The ID for the page can be seen on the Bulk Upload interface in ObjectiveMarketer by clicking on the link “See List”
  7. Column N is the Final Cell. Once, everything is set, you will copy the content in Cell N and paste it in the Bulk Schedule Interface in the Application

If there are any questions about “Bulk Upload using ObjectiveMarketer”, please let us know at support@ObjectiveMarketer.com

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