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How Non-Profits can use Facebook successfully

Using Facebook, Non-Profits can generate Awareness and Raise Funds

Facebook for Non-ProfitsWhile non-profits may not allocate extra funds to stakeholders, charitable organizations still have a bottom line — to spread their message and accomplish their mission. To do this, strategic planning, which includes digital outreach, is involved. That’s why a growing number of non-profits are using social media to draw attention to their goals.

And what better way to start with Facebook, the undisputed leader of the social media space as the medium of choice. It makes sense to create a presence on one of the top five Web sites on the Internet where people are already regularly visiting rather than expecting users to find you.

It serves the need of sensitizing vast sections of the population with the issue your organization holds so close its heart. Help everyone throughout the world be a part of the great cause each of the non profits support and believe in so passionately.

If your nonprofit has video content, podcasts, interviews, or documents just languishing on your desktop, creating a presence on Facebook provides an easy way to upload these types of media, without spending the time or resources required for updating your own Web site.

It can allow organizations to plug into an existing audience of organizations that have opted into similar interest groups. It can also help organizations collaborate, connect easily, and increase their network of volunteer and supporters.

Facebook gives organizations a venue to quickly broadcast a message to a large list without getting blacklisted by an Internet service provider (ISP) or having their message get caught in a spam filter. In addition, the event-posting capabilities allow organizations to advertise upcoming events easily and efficiently.

The top ways to make it work for your non profit:

Inspire Direct Action! : Social-friendly applications Tweet4Good, SixDegrees and even PayPal make accepting on-the-spot donations easy for non-profits and mission-driven organizations. Make it easy for people who want to give, and put one of these tools to use now

Monitor & Engage : Facebook Social Ads tap into the incredible treasure trove of information people publish about themselves. It’s easily the most valuable marketing database on Earth – Microsoft invested $240 million for a 1.6% stake in Facebook. Use a publishing and analytics solution that heps you optimize on the time and frequency of your messages.

Crowd sourcing : Ask your users and leverage on the millions of ideas from the users. Ask for new strategies, ways to raise fund or even a tagline. Build on each other’s creativity in an unpredictably powerful way.

Now that you have kick started your awesome facebook page to support your cause; it’s time for some expert and professional service to truly unleash the power of social media for your organization. We at ObjectiveMarketer have helped Non-Profits like and many others in their endeavor to increase public awareness and involvement, by using revolutionary social networking solutions to all your social media marketing needs. Sign up now for a Free trial or write to us at to find out about the discount rates we offer for Non-Profits and how ObjectiveMarketer can be of service to your non-profit.


ObjectiveMarketer and NGO Ashoka’s Changemaker Partner

Ashoka's Changemaker

Ashoka's Changemaker

We are proud to welcome Ashoka’s Changemaker onboard as our customers.  We also announce with this, a discount package for NGOs and Small Businesses. To know more about this offer, please email us at brings together and invests in individuals who have innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems. These individuals are Social Entrepreneurs, who, instead of blaming the government for every problem in society, take it on them to find a solution and help government in making the society a better place to live. provides a platform to these social entrepreneurs help with practical implementation of their vision of social uplift. We are a long term admirer of and are very pleased to be a part of their social media campaign execution.

Press release

Social Media helps accelerate the growth of global online community of action: Ashoka’s Changemakers and Objective Marketer partner.

ObjectiveMarketer’s social media marketing platform helps Changemakers, an online community of the highly acclaimed citizen sector organization Ashoka, find, fund, and spread innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing social problems.

Redwood City, Calif., October 26, 2009 – ObjectiveMarketer, leading provider of social marketing platform, today announced addition of Ashoka’s Changemakers, the hugely influential citizen sector organization for social entrepreneurs, to their list of customers.

Ashoka’s Changemakers engages corporate and foundation partners to source innovative ideas from throughout the world. As early adopters of social media channels and with 56,000 (and growing) followers, Ashoka’s Changemakers is in Twitter’s coveted Suggested Users list. With ObjectiveMarketer, they get comprehensive analytics and user engagement platform to increase their reach by leveraging the power of social networks.

“ObjectiveMarketer’s metric system is the tool that enables us to innovate in the social media sphere,” said Noelle Chun, social media coordinator of Ashoka’s Changemakers. “Without such feedback, we’re strategizing blind.”

“We are particularly excited in joining hands with Ashoka. With ObjectiveMarketer, we believe Ashoka will find the perfect technology platform to implement their social media strategies” says Amita Paul, founder, ObjectiveMarketer.

To demonstrate support towards social causes, ObjectiveMarketer, today, announced a special discount package to NGOs and companies that are working for social uplift. For more information on ObjectiveMarketer, visit

About ObjectiveMarketer
ObjectiveMarketer’s SAAS based marketing solutions for social media enables enterprises to reach, engage and influence their target audience using the most powerful channels available to marketers today. ObjectiveMarketer provides direct marketers the technology and support they need to continuously improve their campaign performance, lower costs and realize ROI from leveraging the power of social. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, ObjectiveMarketer’s clients include 500 companies, NGOs and several public relations and advertizing agencies. To learn more about ObjectiveMarketer, please visit or follow us online at or .

About Ashoka
Founded in 1980, Ashoka is the world’s working community of approximately 2,000 leading social entrepreneurs. It champions the most important new social change ideas and supports the entrepreneurs behind them to start, grow, succeed, and collaborate on their ventures. As Ashoka expands its capacity to integrate and connect social and business entrepreneurs around the world, it builds an entrepreneurial infrastructure comprised of global initiatives that supports the fast-growing needs of the citizen sector. Ashoka is creating change today, for an Everyone a Changemaker™ society to become the reality of tomorrow. For more information, visit

About Ashoka’s Changemakers
Changemakers is an initiative of Ashoka, an organization with over three decades of finding, funding, and expanding the work of social entrepreneurs across the globe. It is a global online community of action that connects people to share ideas, inspire and mentor each other, and find and support the best ideas in social innovation. The Changemakers online community builds on this history and expands the Ashoka vision by creating an “Everyone a Changemaker” world through networking, relationship-building, and the sourcing of funding opportunities.

Through its collaborative competitions and open-source process, Changemakers’ has created one of the world’s most robust laboratories for launching, refining, and scaling ideas for solving the world’s most pressing social problems. For more information, visit

Amita Paul