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Women 2.0 Startup Competition – ObjectiveMarketer is a finalist!

ObjectiveMarketer was today, announced as a finalist of the Women 2.0 Startup Competition in the Web Applications category.  Amita Paul, Founder of ObjectiveMarketer will be making a presentation for the winning position on Nov 4.  Write to us for special discounts to Women 2.0 Live Pitch Event on Nov 4th – info@objectivemarketer.com

About the Competition

Pitch 2010 Women 2.0 Competition

Pitch 2010 Women 2.0 Competition

The 4th Annual PITCH: Women 2.0 Startup Competition was open to early-stage ventures around the world, from high growth business ventures in web to mobile, from cleantech to biotech. A female in the founding team was one of the necessary criterion for the applicants.

The finalists will be making a 5 min pitch to a live audience comprising of  VCs, Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs, Press etc.

The Application Process

The application process included 3 different segments. Each segment required precise explanation of the business as the formats were all limited by words, dimension and time:

  1. Application form – entries were focussed on different aspects of business, and each entry was limited to few words.
  2. Business Plan on a Paper Napkin –  This is a very interesting segment, where your business plan has to be put on a paper napkin of dimensions 7inX7in.  The last minute hand -delivered submission of the paper napkin at the UPS store women 2.0 drop box was a great high!
  3. Pitch Video – A 2-5 minute video of your business, not as an investor pitch, but as a commercial for prospects. It was a great video featuring Guy Kawasaki, Dave Evans, Marylene Delbourg-delphis and Susan Bratton – all high profile celebrities participating in the video, on a short notice – and making a great film of high production quality. Special thanks goes to the video editor, who mixed all the clips – again in a short notice! The video can be seen here.

Pitch Night – Cheer for ObjectiveMarketer

The Pitch Night - ObjectiveMarketer Presents on Nov 5th

ObjectiveMarketer Presents -Nov 5th


The Pitch Night is on Thursday, November 4, 2010 in San Francisco – the biggest Women 2.0 event of the year!

Watch ObjectiveMarketer and the other 8 finalists of the Women 2.0 Startup Competition pitch LIVE and see who wins. You can also vote live to your favorite finalist using your mobile phones. To Cheer ObjectiveMarketer:

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