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Intern helps Cisco get on the Viral Map!

Ok, so @gregjustice may not have an excellent carrier with rap singing, I am sure he will have a great future with corporate communications – specially, in this era where a rap song produced in an amateurish style can help put the networking giant (Cisco) on the viral map of social media. What? Listen to this video that got upwards of 50,000 views already on Cisco’s YouTube Channel.

Justice Greg is a 21st year old, Stanford English grad, who is doing his internship with the communications department at Cisco. His latest assignment as “The World’s Most interesting Intern” is to challenge video responses from others who think they have a more interesting internship project.  Hopefully, he learns and gets more interesting stuff done! We will be watching!

As a side note, I often read articles about whether it is a good idea or not to hire a social media intern. I think, it completely depends on how you train them, and what your interns are passionate about. Personally, I like the fresh ideas and commitment to work, when a college grad joins your team.  And, we are all the time looking for some smart / passionate interns at ObjectiveMarketer. Let us know, if you know some one who is!

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