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On Spotlight: Auto-Drip Queue Feature

We are very pleased to share our recent upgrade, the “Auto-Drip Queue” functionality, on Spotlight today.

Auto-Drip Queue helps you manage publishing to social accounts when you have a lot of content that needs to be scheduled, but the content is available to you at different times. Typically, you would go and find out what is the next available time slot, and precisely schedule it for that time. Imagine having to do this for multiple accounts, and campaigns. Not any more, we have simplified this for you. Auto-Drip Queue will help you to streamline content authoring, publishing and managing your social media accounts.

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You can get started with Auto-Drip Queue feature in simple steps:

  1. Create a New Queue Content – > Queue -> Add New Queue
  2. Specify a Name to your Queue, for example “Tip of the day”
  3. Check the box “Auto Drip” to automate posting based on pre-defined parameters.
  4. Set the parameters, including Campaign Name, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts and the Post Interval.
  5. Next, start adding content to the queue. You can add content by clicking the “Add content” link next to the newly created queue. You can also use the ubercool “OM Add2Queue bookmark” for adding content.

Some of the ways Auto-Drip Queues can be used include –

  1. You are in Real Estate Business. You can create a queue named, ‘OpenHouse’. Every time you have a new house that you need to advertise, you can add that to the queue. ObjectiveMarketer will find the next available slot for publishing, and it will publish the tweet/or update your Facebook page.
  2. Create a queue named, ‘NewsUpdates’. Just keep adding your new news to the queue. The queue is autodrained, and the messages are scheduled.

There are many advantages to the drip queue approach –

  1. Have a precise control on how many, and how often the messages are getting posted. No more over-posting.
  2. No more manual figuring out when to publish, it is auto-magically done by ObjectiveMarketer. Ease of use, and save a lot of time.

You can also check this slideshare presentation that provides a step-by-step instruction on how to use Auto-Drip Queue functionality to share your contents, effortlessly.

What feature would you like to be added in ObjectiveMarketer? As always, write to us at support@objectivemarketer.com to share your feedback on this feature or to send us your wish list. Please, subscribe to our Spotlight Newsletter for receiving new updates like this in your email.

ObjectiveMarketer Team is waiting to hear from you.

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