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Book reading goes social…again.

Journey of a Book – From Prints to Kindle to Twitter

Book Cover The sight of someone reading a book is usually a conversation starter.  You can find the nature of a man, by the cover of the book he is  reading – well, the cover, the title and in many cases, the thickness of  the book suggests a lot about the person reading the book.   I came  across this interesting blog post, where the author tries to find out  what the daily commuters read on local trains, travelling to and from  their work. However, in the era of digital books or e-books, made  more popular through readers like Kindle, Nook or iPad, this “cover  story” no longer holds true. You can not find anything about the  person besides, that he/she is tech-savvy.

Kindle makes book reading social again.

Kindle, an Amazon product, which has 60% of the market share for e-book readers today has rolled out an upgrade to its readers, which makes book reading social again. Now Kindle users can share a line from the book on Twitter and Facebook.  This opens up a new way of sharing what you are reading with your online social group, searching for like-minded individuals through books that they are reading and for publishers, to find out more about the book readership. Few things that need consideration include, copyright issues. Will book publishers allow pictures to be shared on twitter, Facebook and, how are sensitive issues controlled.  Well, we will see.

Using Kindle, book reading can now be a great conversation starter, again!

Read more on this upgrade from Kindle on this InformationWeek article.

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