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ObjectiveMarketer partners with internet marketing agency in Canada – offers services with technology

[Press Release]

March 09, 2010, 3:20PM

Redwood City, CA based leading social media marketing provider, ObjectiveMarketer partners with Canada based internet marketing agency, MarketingHits to provide a full range of services to small and medium sized businesses that are using social media as a strategic communication channel.

ObjectiveMarketer offers sophisticated technology that helps social media marketers to manage, execute and measure campaigns across multiple social media channels.  The comprehensive platform is integrated with contents, including landing pages, polls, media gallery, distribution lists etc, provides seamless integration with Google Analytics, and link tagging with Omniture and Coremetrics, besides advanced analytics, thus offering an end-to-end integrated product for businesses to efficiently manage social media  campaigns. With features that offer effective management of channels, and resources, insightful analytics and opportunities to expand brand presence, ObjectiveMarketer makes it easy for social media marketers to execute their social media campaigns, and to gain visibility into the returns.

According to Amita Paul, CEO of ObjectiveMarketer, “The partnership of ObjectiveMarketer with MarketingHits will further strengthen ObjectiveMarketer’s offering and help interested customers to leverage the services of the agency in planning, and formulating their social media campaigns.”  “The strategic partnership of MarketingHits & ObjectiveMarketer will help us to deliver the tools small / medium sized businesses need to find new customers within social media”, adds Brian Yanish, CEO of MarketingHits.

ObjectiveMarketer is using the association to promote its technology solution to businesses in Canada, as it has a very high adoption rate for social media, and is growing at an equally fast rate. “We have brands ranging from fortune 100 companies to small and medium sized businesses using our product; and from across the globe. When robust technology meets high quality services, businesses benefit and that is what we aim to achieve”, adds Ms Paul. To contact ObjectiveMarketer for partnership opportunities, visit the company website at http://objectivemarketer.com/objectivemarketer/partners.html

About ObjectiveMarketer

ObjectiveMarketer, based in Redwood City, CA, provides a web based solution for creating, managing, and measuring social marketing campaigns. Amita Paul founded the company in 2009 to meet the growing need of marketers to tap the power of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels. Guy Kawasaki and Marylene Delbourg-Delphis are board members. To sign up for 30 days free trial, visit http://app.objectivemarketer.com or send an email to info@objectivemarketer.com for more information about the product and pricing.

About MarketingHits

MarketingHits is a growing internet marketing firm providing Internet Branding, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization and Web Marketing solutions to North American companies.  Contrary to its competitors, MarketingHits has been successful by focusing on the Marketing Objectives first, and building platforms to achieve those objectives.  MarketingHits also has a dedicated research initiative to ensure that all aspects of the marketing plan are in line with the project goals, and incorporate new off the shelf, and specifically invented software.

MarketingHits has been working with Social Media Strategies since 2008, and has always studied social media trends, and identified potential business applications.  The goal is to use social media messages to harness the power of these new marketing and communication channels.

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Media Contact:

For ObjectiveMarketer:

Amita Paul



website: http://objectveMarketer


For MarketingHits

Brian Yanish


Website www.marketinghits.com


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