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Social Media is No guess game. With ObjectiveMarketer, not any more.

Social Media Campaigns are becoming more and more complex with multiple channels, distributed segments, different personas – and so the solutions to manage these campaigns effectively are becoming more than essential in order to reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.  As the new channels emerge, the strategies and the implementation of these strategies have to be completely aligned to the nature of the channels. ObjectiveMarketer going in this direction has developed the most powerful, and industry’s first campaign management platform that helps organizations to manage, monitor and measure different kind of communications across multiple social media channels. With ObjectiveMarketer, traditional marketers can easily transition to the new channels, and at the same time adopt to the new rules of the game, effortlessly.

Objective Marketer today is the market leader in management of Social Media thanks to a meaningful product that provides relevant features to manage and measure marketing campaigns:

1.     Integrated goal oriented campaign management system
2.     Comprehensive Analytics – Multiple dimensions (Tags, time, geography, historical, trend, browser etc)
3.     Content Integration – Polls, Landing Pages (Patent Pending), Tags, Distribution List, media library
4.     User Management – Roles, permissions and access control
5.     Automation / Scheduling / RSS Feeds
6.     Buzz monitoring – trend, context and sentiments (NPS)

ObjectiveMarketer constantly thrives to give you the best solution to manage and measure you campaigns. As you run your campaigns through ObjectiveMarketer, you find ways to create your own benchmark, and set yourself for success that is achievable, and repeatable. If you want to take the guess game out of Social Media, then ObjectiveMarketer is your player.

Now, you can avail the 30 days free trial. To sign up for the free trial, visit http://app.objectivemarketer.com or send an email to info@objectivemarketer.com for more information about the product and pricing.

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