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Relevance of Analytics in Social Media

Marketing campaigns through social media are not new phenomena, they are already here up and running. So now the point and the focus starts to shift from how to use Social Media in marketing to how to measure effectiveness of actions conducted through these social media.

According to Michael Stelzner Social Media Marketing Industry Report (http://marketingwhitepapers.s3.amazonaws.com/smss09/SocialMediaMarketingIndustryReport.pdf), among top three social media questions marketers want answered, ranked number two there is “How do I measure the effectiveness of social media?”

This is totally aligned with new social media users’ pain. Marketing budget have already moved their focus from traditional marketing channels to Social Media but as pointed out, now the issue is to measure effectiveness and stickiness of this new marketing tools.

As attention to analytics and measurements is becoming more and more strict, companies such as ObjectiveMarketer are becoming very popular and are growing day after day acquiring huge number of customers. ObejectiveMarketer is the leading social media campaign management platform that helps organizations to manage, monitor and measure your communications across multiple social media channels.

Objective Marketer reporting includes advanced analytics and reports for trend analysis and ROI validation. It provides analytics at 2 different level, campaign level and individual post level. Some of available measurements enclose:

  • Comparisons of Posts v/s number of Click-Through.
  • Buzz Score.
  • Trend of Click-through on different Time dimensions.
  • Multi-Channel Distribution , Percentage of CTRs by Post
  • Retweet Stats / Influencer / Amplifiers
  • Source of Traffic – Direct, Website Name
  • Most / Least Popular Posts
  • Time of day Heatmap
  • Google Analytics Stats
  • Competition Matrix
  • Product and Brand Monitoring and Net Promoter Score

Whatever metrics you choose, and measurements you apply to find the effectiveness of your campaigns, they should be tied to the goals and overall strategy of your organization. Results are good, only if they are relevant to you. We, at ObjectiveMarketer constantly thrive to give you visibility into data in a way that you can take action upon them.

Interested in ObjectiveMarketer? To sign up for 30 days free trial, visithttp://app.objectivemarketer.com or send an email to info@objectivemarketer.com for more information about the product and pricing.

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