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Is LinkedIn a part of your channel strategy?

As social media practitioner, it is imperative that you have a solid Channel Strategy in place.

Social Web represents a complex, multi-directional flow of communication, and it is very important to understand the behavior of your community, the ways to engage with them and evaluate the strategy that makes your social media campaigns most effective.  Though complex, social media networks also represents a well-segmented constituent of population, as the members themselves opt-in to participate in social channels of their interest, and decide when they want to interact.  So, the question is “What message to send, and where?”  The key is in finding the right balance to make the best of your social media presence.

LinkedIn - Adding to your social media marketing mix

LinkedIn - Adding to your social media marketing mix

ObjectiveMarketer integrates multiple channels as a part of the entire campaign strategy and not just a social media stream.  Whether you are planning a campaign to run across multiple channels simultaneously, and want to measure the performance of your campaigns by channel, or whether you are running different campaigns on different channels, we help you implement and execute your channel strategy effectively – so that you have a clear visibility into the success of your campaigns, by channels.

With LinkedIn integration, we help you bring LinkedIn into your social media marketing mix. With 40 million plus users, and a network that is the most organic, LinkedIn forms an integral part of your channel strategy. With ObjectiveMarketer, you can:

  • Add multiple LinkedIn Profiles
  • Plan and schedule your LinkedIn campaigns (status Updates)
  • Execute your campaigns to LinkedIn simultaneously with other channels
  • Measure campaign and channel effectiveness
  • Prepare a better, informed strategy for on-going, future campaigns

If you would like to try ObjectiveMarketer for your organization, please signup at http://objectivemarketer.com, or email us at info@objectivemarketer.com to request a demo.

PS: image courtsey http://blog.appboy.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/linkedin2.jpg

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