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ObjectiveMarketer Integrates Web Analytics In the Social Media Campaign Management Solution

Users who interact with your post, do they also purchase? ObjectiveMarketer helps you answer.

Social Media ROI

Social Media ROI could be a reality!

With integration of Google Analytics, Omniture and Coremetrics tags, ObjectiveMarketer adds yet another dimension to their social media campaign analytics. The SAAS based campaign management service now allows users to create campaigns and associate them with web analytics tags, which can be then used to get more insights into whether the interactions on social channels actually culminate into a purchase or not. A deeper insight into the buying behavior helps companies in justifying the return from social marketing, and at the same time allows them to plan a better strategy for repeatable and increased returns.

With holiday season on its way, businesses are engaging like never before with customers on channels like Twitter, and Facebook Fan Page. With a suite of solutions integrated seamlessly, ObjectiveMarketer provides businesses a platform to strategize and execute their social media campaigns, with complete visibility into the performance. With Web Analytics integration, ObjectiveMarketer users now have the ability to attribute sales to social campaigns. Simply put, with ObjectiveMarketer, a message can be traced until the conversion / purchase made by a customer, who first clicked on the URL in the message.

ObjectiveMarketer integrates Web Analytics

ObjectiveMarketer integrates Web Analytics Tags

According to Amita Paul, founder/CEO of ObjectiveMarketer, “A large number of our customers and users asked us for this feature, and we are happy to enable it”. ObjectiveMarketer provides an easy way to manage, execute, measure and optimize campaigns on social channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. The patent pending landing page integration with posts provides a unique way to increase brand awareness, and drive traffic. “Our customers have benefited immensely, and they have acquired new customers through call-to-action phrases on the landing pages. With the already existing robust features, and the recent integration with Web Analytics Tags, ObjectiveMarketer provides a marketer all means to be successful on social channels”, adds Amita Paul.

About ObjectiveMarketer

ObjectiveMarketer, based in Redwood City, CA, provides a web based solution for creating, managing, and measuring social marketing campaigns. Amita Paul founded the company in 2009 to meet the growing need of marketers to tap the power of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels. Guy Kawasaki and Marylene Delbourg-Delphis are advisors. To sign up for 30 days free trial, visit http://app.objectivemarketer.com or send an email to info@objectivemarketer.com for more information about the product and pricing.

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