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Drafts and Notes make teamwork more efficient

The new Drafts and Notes feature of ObjectiveMarketer is poised to make it more efficient for teams to collaborate and be effective with social media campaigns. With this feature, a draft of the message to be published can be saved for review and worked upon by a team working on a campaign.

Drafts and Notes feature in ObjectiveMarketer

Drafts and Notes feature in ObjectiveMarketer

To use this feature, do the following:

  1. Click on POST MESSAGE button in the application UI
  2. OR
  3. Click on the POST2OM Bookmark in your browser window
  4. In the POST MESSAGE UI, select the Campaign, and in the PUBLISH WHEN section, select “Draft for Review” Option
  5. To Review the draft,  go to CAMPAIGNS -> CAMPAIGN NAME -> POSTS for REVIEW
  6. To Edit, click on EDIT next to the message.
  7. To add a note, click on NOTE next to the message.

There are several use cases for the Drafts and Notes, some are listed below:

  1. Identify few topics that you want to share. Save the draft of messages, and publish them when you have identified good articles related to the topic.
  2. One team member is assigned the task to drafts all messages, and second team member reviews it before publishing
  3. Collaborate and work as a team, before picking the final list to be publish
  4. While, you are identifying the right channel, park the message as draft

These are just a few use cases. Possibilities are immense. If you can think of a use case, please share.

  1. Johnny
    January 18, 2010 at 12:53 am

    I really like using Objectivemarketer and came here to your blog in hopes of finding maybe a tutorial similar to this post, but one that covers other features of objectivemarketer as well. Something that would be really great to the subscribers of your services would be; maybe a video or step by step tutorial of each feature within objectivemarketer. The pdf guide is ok, however it leaves out a lot of things that each feature is cable able of doing but more importantly HOW TO: set up and use each feature. I hope maybe this is something in the works or an idea soon to be implemented.

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