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Winning DEMO pass from Ubergizmo!

Ok, this makes me a life long fan of Ubergizmo. San Diego, here I come … DEMO, won’t be complete without ObjectiveMarketer!

ObjectiveMarketer wins the free DEMO pass from Ubergizmo contest

Winning DEMO pass from Ubergizmo


We have selected the best 3 comments for our DEMOFall 09 Free Pass Giveaway. The selection was done without seeing the names and the photos, there was no favoritism here, only the comment quality and trip’s purpose were considered. Recipients are selected at our discretion and the choice was based on the idea that the recipients would make the best out of DEMO.Here are the recipients and their comments:

Amita Paul:
1. I am a woman entrepreneur, like Eliane Fiolet
2. I am working on an awesome product (ObjectiveMarketer) for social media marketing space – that will help, above all, increase adoption of Social Media Channels for business use.
3. I have dared to dream, and am bootstrapping to make my dreams come true.

Deirdre Gibson:
I should win the pass because I’m the founder of a startup. I have not given any pitches yet and would love to see how it’s done. Plus, I’d be coming all the way from Florida so it shows how committed I am. I just can’t afford the flight AND the ticket. Last, but certainly not least, I love karaoke. I am a fierce Tina Turner or Beyonce. Here’s a picture from a karaoke night in New Orleans. I got my whole team to get on stage with me. http://tinyurl.com/kr84ww

Stephane Delbecque:
First, I’m the co-founder of a startup that doesn’t have any external funding yet and can’t afford to pay the ticket to attend DEMO.
Second, DEMO is considered by many as the most important startup event to attend. Following it with the live feed is great, but being there and mingling with other entrepreneurs is priceless.
Third, I went to San Diego for the first time last week and really loved it. OK, it was for some family vacation, but still. πŸ™‚
Four, if I’m picked for this free pass, I promise to take a picture of each and every demoing company (with a quick comment) so it’s published live on Ubergizmo.
So, do we have a deal? πŸ™‚

Follow our live of DEMO at live.ubergizmo.com starting on Tuesday September 22nd at 8.30 am PT.

Thanks to all the participants!
The Ubergizmo Team

Isn’t this awesome?

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