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Techcrunch Demopit

We are participating in Techcrunch DemoPit.

ObjectiveMarketer is participating in Techcrunch 2009 Demo Pit

ObjectiveMarketer is participating in Techcrunch 2009 Demo Pit

What it means, is that we did not make it to the top 50 of Techcrunch to launch the product in their annual event. But, we did make it to the top 150. This is huge for us. When we had submitted our application we were just 4 months young, very much in private beta. As my research indicates, getting into Tech50 involves several aspects, not all are related to the usefulness and uniqueness of the product. I am convinced that while, we did not meet some of the criterion that could have put us in top 50, but, our approach to provide solutions for emerging media, gave us a cut in the top 150.

We continue to focus on building the product. While, PR is important, we do believe that word of mouth and recommendations from our existing customers are more important.  And so, we are dedicated in making our product more valuable for our customers, in our every revisions.

So, why are we attending the Demo Pit? First and foremost, to accept with gratitude the recognition we have received, at such an early stage. And second, to share the vision we have for ObjectiveMarketer with all present at Techcrunch. It is one of the most globally recognized platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their products. And, it is an honor for us to be a part of this mega event.

We would benefit a lot, if anyone who has attended this event earlier could share some experience and give us more insights into what we could expect from the event. We will be very grateful. Finally, keep rooting for ObjectiveMarketer!

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