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New Feature Updates from ObjectiveMarketer

Fast growth that shows!

Fast growth that shows!

Our product is evolving, growing fast. It shows!

We keep making improvements in our product such that you deliver much more than a string of text and a URL, in 140 characters.  We provide you with ways to cover every touch point of your audience, with message and experience that is interesting, engaging and rewarding.

The three new feature that we have added, work behind the scenes to help you be effective in delivering the right message, at the right time – most importantly, making it easy such that you don’t miss a single opportunity to connect with your audience.

1. Schedule Calendar

All your scheduled posts in a Calendar View

All your scheduled posts in a Calendar View

In social media channels, being regular is key. You set a pattern, and any change in the pattern has consequences. One of the strategies to manage a regular stream is by scheduling your content with intervals/frequency that works best for you. While, we have one of the most robust scheduling functionality, our Schedule Calendar makes it even more charged up. With Schedule calendar now, you can toggle between different views (date, week , one time, recurring etc ) and space out your messages. In words of one of the most active users of ObjectiveMarketer, “the schedule calendar is the starting point of all my messages now. I look at the calendar, and if I have sufficient number of messages scheduled for the day, I can take some break.”  It is particularly useful, when you have a team working on a single account. This way you do not cut each others messages by posting them at the same time, and/ or not posting at all for a longer interval. In all, the schedule calendar makes you efficient, and productive by taking care of the routine task, so that you can spend your time to think and act in finding and generating meaningful contents.

2. Preference Settings

ObjectiveMarketer is feature rich. So, for the un-initiated, the product might get a little complex in the beginning. We understand this – and so, we have made it easier and less overwhelming by allowing you to create your preference settings. The preference settings are user login dependents. So, you can login and set your own defaults (campaign, page, twitter account, Facebook page etc).

Whenever, you publish, your defaults are pre-selected.  If your default view is Basic, you will see all pre-selected options. To publish, you are only required to type in the content and publish. However, if you wish to edit the preselected options, you can move  to the Advanced Tab.

3. ObjectiveMarketer “POST2OM” Bookmarklet

With this, you can create a Bookmarklet icon of ObjectiveMarketer in your browser window. Whenever, you see an interesting content, you can post it to your favorite channel (Twitter, Facebook, Pages etc) by just clicking on the Post2OM icon in your browsers bookmark menu bar.

We are working hard in making enterprises, and agencies that manage enterprise accounts use Social Media Channels as a strategic mode of communication. Every feature that we add is built in helping meet the goals of businesses active on social media channels. We welcome all feedback, suggestions and support in our cause.

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