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“ObjectiveMarketer is innovating the way I use Twitter” – Ken E Kaplan

What a better day for an entrepreneur than to hear good words about her product from users. Ken E Kaplan from Intel, who uses ObjectiveMarketer for Intel’s Social Media Campaigns made such positive comments about the product, that I could not help but share. This is what Ken thinks of ObjectiveMarketer –

Ken loves ObjectiveMarketer :)

Ken loves ObjectiveMarketer 🙂

“I’m really enjoying Objective Marketer. It’s got me thinking more about organizing and tagging Tweets, scheduling and finding what time and what topics of most popular. Now I’m really interested in the possibilities for OM helping me team up with others for events and on-going communications efforts. If nothing else, OM is innovating the way I use Twitter.” – Ken E Kaplan (@kenekaplan)

Thank you, Ken. While, you know that we are churning by the day, and surprising you each time, I want my readers to note that we are continuously innovating to keep pace with the emerging media. With ObjectiveMarketer, you will find the most valuable implementation of your social media strategies.

It is interesting to note that Ken made this comment on a Facebook update where I had mentioned about Guy Kawasaki’s experience with ObjectiveMarketer. I leave you all with this comment also (somewhere, a woman entrepreneur is getting mushy 🙂 )

“RT @guykawasaki @mcoquet I use Objective Marketer to tweet. I get more metrics and campaign features with Twitter than anyone in the world!”

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