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Twitter Hacked – What top bloggers have to say?

Twitter internal was hacked, the other day. Techcrunch published the hacked data. A large part of the twitter-verse cried foul.

Alltop’s Guy Kawasaki asked this question on Twitter – “Should TechCrunch publish internal documents stolen from Twitter?”.

  • 74.3% said “No, somethings are more important that page views”
  • 25.7% said “Yes, Everything is fair in love, war and journalism”

… in a poll with 1028 votes so far. If you have not voted yet, and want to make your say, you can do so by clicking http://om.ly/?ssb

The entire incident has raised several questions on the ethics of journalism. There is a difference between sharing news and selling sensational story.  Any “S” word sells today! I am an avid fan and follower of Techcrunch. I read it almost, every day, sometimes, several times during the day. The way this story was presented, will not stop me from going to Techcrunch. But, it did make me cringe. I would have liked to see Techcrunch (Michael Arrington) stand up as an example, and not “react to the reaction” saying “If we did not publish, somebody else would have”. This is not convincing at all.

The story was covered in CNN.com where 4 top-notch bloggers where asked to comment on the entire episode. Please, follow the link below for the streaming of this discussion, straight from CNN.com

Click here for an interesting rapid fire CNN.com coverage.

Please, feel free to share your views in the comments below.

PS: With pleasure, we want to point out that AllTop poll that was featured in the video, is powered by ObjectiveMarketer.

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