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Power of Polls in Twitter

Polls and Survey in Social Media

Polls and Survey in Social Media

In conducting polls and surveys, one of the key consideration is selection of a random sample.  A random sample is the result of a process whereby a selection of participants is made from a larger population and each subject is chosen entirely by chance.

Twitter offers a random sampling by definition, specially for certain subjects like technology, urban lifestye, entertainment etc. The first level of followers in Twitter are opt-in and represent a group that subscribes to a user’s thoughts, profession or area of expertise.  However, they are further connected to groups that contribute in-directly to the user’s network. Retweets expose the message in a way that the chances of getting seen by anyone of the 7 million population on Twitter is pretty much random. I am not talking statistics here, but a common sense would suffice.

So, when you conduct a poll you get response from a sample that is diverse, yet not completely un-aligned. Think of it – Macy’s Inc asks its followers “What free gift will make you purchase more?”, with the choices a. One plus one Free b. Store Credit of Equal Amount c. 50% off on next purchase d. Nothing. The reponse, could be categorized to represent zip code, city and other demography details. Can you think of a better way to collect data about your next promotional offer?

Polls Using ObjectiveMarketer

We understand the importance and power of Polls in Social Media Channels. And, we have made it even better by integrating it with our campaigns, and providing deep drill down analytics on the response from the Poll. For Example, Guy Kawasaki conducted a Poll – “How much would you pay for Twitter”.

Poll using ObjectiveMarketer

Poll using ObjectiveMarketer

Conidering that Guy Kawasaki has a large number of followers, plus when he asks something, people do respond and plus he gets Retweets to the tune of 1000+, makes this a veryinteresting poll.  What makes it more interesting is when you can slice and dice the data to see who the respondents where and what demography they belong to.

Poll Demography - Stats you can see on Respondents

Poll Demography - Stats you can see on Respondents

If you would like to conduct a market research for you company through a Poll that really pays-off, or if you would like to get more information on the Twitter Poll above, get in touch with ObjectiveMarketer. You can email info@objectivemarketer.com for more questions about how to use Polls in Twitter and other social media channels. You can also register for beta by visiting our website at http://objectivemarketer.com

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