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What your YouTube video stats tell you?

ABC News Channel on YouTube

ABC News Channel on YouTube


ObjectiveMarketer has integrated YouTube in their mix of Social Media Analytics. An integrated view of video viewership and engagement can provide a wide range of information to the publisher. In this article, we will see some of the key stats that ObjectiveMarketer provides using the example of ABC News Channel on YouTube. The actionable insights, along with an overlay of the video view stats with campaign stats proposes to make video sharing very useful marketing and brand building exercise for businesses.

Why Video Sharing?

When an experience is encoded in video, displayed, commented upon, and favorited by the viewers, a social media circuit is completed. In certain cases, the engagement is to maintain existing relationship, while in many others it is to create or negotiate new ones.

The trend of Video Blogging is not popular amongst just your wannabe artists. Companies are serious about it too, and strategically decide the content, quality and message conveyed through these video blogs.  But, once the video are created, edited and uploaded, where do you go from there? In the next section, I will try to explain the insights from  YouTube Stats, (the most popular social networking video sharing site) and what companies can learn from it.

Use Case – ABC News Channel

ABC News is the official news channel on YouTube, where they share video clips from some of their shows. The graph below (via ObjectiveMarketer) illustrates the viewership and other stats of all the videos uploaded on the ABC News Channel.

YouTube Stats for ABC News Channel

YouTube Stats for ABC News Channel

The stats reveal some of the following information:

1. Trigger

1. An event can cause the viewership to shoot high up; Be prepared. Michael Jackson’s memorial show caused a large number of viewership.  The viewership fell from a high 4 mn to drop sharply at 180K, after the event.It always pays to know of an event that is coming and be prepared for that.

2. Keywords

Know what people are searching for. Make yourself found when People search for a video.  A great likelihood of increasing the viewership also depends on the keywords being used. So, if there are multiple videos, compare the keywords and identify what works and what does not, over time.

3. Favorite %

While, Keywords lead to viewership, favoriting a video leads to conversion. If you compare two videos and compare favorite percentages, you can clearly identify the one that is more sticky. Compared to average favorite percentage, you can find how each individual videos performed.

4. Rating

Similarly as Favorite %, the ratings show how a video was likened and compared to the average score reveals how an individual video performed across the channel.


Based on the insights from the above stats, you may want to edit your keywords to enable search and hence, viewership, and publish video that resonate with the audience, as indicated by favorite percentage and ratings. Take your Video Blogging to the next stage. Make your social media strategy work for you!

Want to get this stat for your channel? Contact info@objectivemarketer.com

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