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On Twitter: Experiment with a Strategy

Businesses that are apprehensive about the potential of Twitter as a business channel are right in thinking that Twitter is yet to be proven as an alternative or a parallel channel for businesses. There are myriads of brands already on Twitter but, we have not yet seen an example of a sustainable, repeatable business case coming out of the channel.  For one, it is still very new to get a trend of sorts. And secondly, businesses are still experimenting – including the ones that have been leading the pack and apparently, have decoded the potion.

It is a good idea to experiment – even better, if you have a Strategy in place. In absence of any industry average or case study, a strategy will provide businesses to compare results with their own past experiments.  Listed below are 10 questions that must be answered before running any campaign on twitter :

1.  What is the Goal of the message that you are sending – Retention, Acquisition, Awareness…?

2.  How will you define Campaign Success – # CTRs, #ReTweets, #Mentions, #purchase made, #customer acquired?

3.  How aligned is your messaging with your Target Audience?

4.  What are the best days, and best time of each day for your messages?

5. What is optimum Frequency of messages that you send out? Does Batch Messaging work? Should you be repeating a message?

6. What is the lifetime of a message? When was the last action on a particular message (Clicks, ReTweets..)

7. How do you identify the Influencing Factors – people, messages, external events? What action you would take to keep the influencing factors work more for you?

8. Is there a role of Creatives? Should you change the look and feel of website that you drive users to? Do you need to change it with message content?

9. Is Twitter the only channel for a particular campaign? Do you plan to use traditional and other social media channels like Facebook?

10. How will you handle the response from a campaign – positive or negative? Do you have a plan in place?

These are the questions that you must ask before you start a campaign. You will see, your experiments are indeed leading you to decode the potion! Once, you have the strategies in place, you can use a marketing platform like ObjectiveMarketer to execute your campaign strategy and measure the performance –  Pretty much, get answers to all the 10 points mentioned above!


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