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Of #twtrcon, Brands, Vendors and The 140 Sec Pitch

When on a Sunday, in San Francisco, on a bright sunny day, you see some of the most beautiful people (brain and brawn),  sit clamped up in a dark conference room – for hours together, then believe something of importance is taking place.

This time, something of importance was taking place – TWTRCON – a conference on “the little blue bird” Twitter. The Flickr show below captures the events of the day in pictures.

Day in pictures at TWTRCON

Day in pictures at TWTRCON

Twitter or a Religion?

It is interesting to note, that an evolution of sorts is taking place here and how unaware a larger part of the world still is. When I talk to somebody (well-educated and well-versed) in India, explaining Twitter to him / her takes me much more than 140 words and many more seconds!  But, they get it, or pretend to, because of my persuasive, passionate description of the phenomenon.

Coming back to #twtrcon, it was like a religious gathering of sorts – brands, vendors, enthusiasts, celebrities – all talking about their belief in something that is still so unproven. But, there was a belief. Brands, like Virgin America, Carl Jr, Dell, Intuit … shared their success stories, announced their strategies for others to adopt / comment upon. Then there were Vendors of Twitter Application, like ObjectiveMarketer. Each had a niche and a view of what they thought was the most important for twitter users. The vendors who were present there included ObjectiveMarketer (of course), Co-Tweet, HootSuite, Twitfunnel, PeopleBrowsr … etc. Over all it was the surrounding that buzzed twitter over and again.

ObjectiveMarketer Booth and the Booth Hunk

TWTRCON was particularly special for ObjectiveMarketer because it was the first public appearance of ObjectiveMarketer. We received very positive response and gathered some very good leads. In fact, we did not need to try hard. Marketers, PR Execs who came to our booth, or heard from others, which was a large number (WOM) could very easily see the value proposition. Soon, we will be announcing some names that we got associated with.

I was advised to hire some booth babes for the conference to manage the booth while, I engaged the visitors to my booth. However, bootstrapped that we are, we could not afford a booth babe. But, I got more than I bargained for – a “handsome booth hunk” … that too free of cost! Don’t believe? Check the picture … Just so that you are wondering, I have signed an exclusivity contract with this Booth Hunk 🙂

Amita with the Booth Hunk at TWTRCON

Amita with the Booth Hunk at TWTRCON

The 140 Sec Pitch

I cannot end writing about TWTRCON without mentioning the 140 sec pitch. The attendees of TWTRCON were asked to vote for 6 of their favorite vendors, ones that wanted to know more of.  And, ObjectiveMarketer was chosen to make the pitch – in front of a setting that comprised of VCs, Brands .. and you get it, right! I made a pitch – which, I believe was not the pitch that would get a VC to sign a cheque for you, but, it was a passionate and a honest description of ObjectiveMarketer – that matters the most to me! A picture of me giving the pitch, is below:

140 Sec Pitch at Twtrcon [ObjectiveMarketer]

140 Sec Pitch at Twtrcon (ObjectiveMarketer)

Overall, TWTRCON was a wonderful experience and the right platform that gave ObjectiveMarketer just the right amount of exposure, we needed at this time.

  1. June 4, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    Hi Amita: I loved reading this post, and I’m so glad that TWTRCON was a success for you. Thank you so much for participating, and we look forward to seeing you and your booth hunk at future TWTRCON’s! ^Tonia

  2. objectivemarketer
    June 4, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    Thanks Tonia. I look forward to more such events. Always, count me in 🙂 – Amita

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