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ObjectiveMarketer gets an Identity

A logo symbolises existence. It gives an identity, that travels with the company in all terrains.We have found one for ObjectiveMarketer.

ObjectiveMarketer Logo

ObjectiveMarketer Logo

What it means to us: The use of an abstract ‘M’ gives us an iconic, a unique look. It encourages interaction and conversation. The angles reflect how each Marketer takes a position around the core. There is  a sense of coherence, without being identitical.

We have tried to capture the essence of ObjectiveMarketer in this logo. And we are proud of the results. Our friends at FlatFive from UK, have helped us realize this. A big thank you to them!

Please let me know, what are your thoughts!

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  1. Keerti Nair
    October 18, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    Hi Amita,

    I was casually googling up something on objectivity in marketing professionals and was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon your blog. As a fellow marketer, this logo symbolizes another aspect – it is not painted in a single color – every aspect of social marketing – sunny or gloomy shall be covered through the services I guess. Even the two different fonts connote the emphasis on being ‘Objective’. Am quite new to twitter and started using it very recently but now going through your blog felt it is quite a potent tool in our hands.

    And yeah proud to know that you are a fellow Raipurite and GECian. 🙂

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