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Guy Kawasaki asks if ObjectiveMarketer has the answer!

Today, I met with Guy Kawasaki.

Not one of my best pictures, but hey, its with Guy Kawasaki!

Not one of my best pictures, but hey, its with Guy Kawasaki!

Guy was at a Stanford event, where he was a panelist discussing how digital media is shaping the art and science of journalism. It was a very interesting discussion. The serious journalism that we have seen in print is fast collapsing and is taking the form of online citizen journalism, with interactivity and entertainment being the keywords. Is what we see on Twitter Journalism of some form? One interesting point to ponder was what is the right skill set for a journalist today? Should they just be good writers and reporters or should they also know how to produce, edit video and be all tech proficient. Probably so, the panel felt.The other panelists to join the session were:Heather Harde, CEO of Techcrunch, Rob Curley, President and Executive Editor of Greenspun Interactive, Las Vegas Sun, Ann Grimes, Acting Director of Graduate Program in Journalism, Stanford University,Norman A. Fogelsong, General Partner, Institutional Venture Partners,Larry Magid, Tech Analyst, CBS News & CNET and Columnist, San Jose Mercury News & Palo Alto Daily News.

I got the opportunity to spend some good time with Guy explaining what we are offering with ObjectiveMarketer and how it is different from any other “twitter tool” out there. He was thrilled to hear that ObjectiveMarketer offers Camapaign Management with advanced and relevant analytics. He is an “All Campaigns” person on twitter – there couldn’t be a better fit than this!!!

Guy gave me a set of questions to answer for him – and guess, what I am all upto it! I will be publishing them as soon as I get started working with him to answer those questions.[Right now, cannot really reveal more than this]

So far, it’s been All-Tops for me 🙂

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  1. May 20, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    WTG!!! Big things

  2. Ash
    June 4, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    Great job on the presentation at Twtrcon. Looking forward to seeing how you answer Guy’s questions.

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