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Campaign Management for Facebook Fan Pages

This update from ObjectiveMarketer will please many of you out there who have been wondering how to include Facebook Fan Pages to your social media campaign management and analysis – we have covered you!

Yes, now from ObjectiveMarketer you can seamlessly manage campaigns for Facebook Main Account Page, including the individual Fan Pages. Many of our beta users have been asking us for this feature – and here we are pleased to have built this for you. Today, there is no simple way to run separate campaigns and analyze performance of campaigns on the Fan Pages, along with multiple Twitter accounts, from one single interface. ObjectiveMarketer brings, yet another, first!

To illustrate the benefit, let us go over a simple use case (of course from one of our Beta Users). A Marketing Agency manages advertising, PR for multiple restaurant chains for a client. The restaurants are varied in theme, cuisine and the target customers. The agency manages these different restaurant chains on Facebook as separate Fan Pages. So, you got it right, “one message fit all”, will not work here. With ObjectiveMarketer, the agency can configure the Facebook Fan Pages and start running their campaigns from one single interface.

We are working to make this feature more sophisticated, you shall hear from us soon! To know more about this email amita@objectivemarketer.com or ask me @amitapaul or @objMarketer. You can always sign up for our  beta.

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