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On Twitter: Building Audience of Interest

Targeting is one of the most basic fundamentals of marketing.

Email Marketers know very well the impact of sending emails that are not crafted or intended for the recipient.  In Email world, you fear being called spammers – repeatedly doing so will lead ISPs to blacklist you.  In twitter world, things are no different. I think, the picture below explains it all.

Spammers are highly Avoidable

Spammers are highly Avoidable

Quantity or Quality?

A third party twitter tool recently launched a technique which randomly shows 20 users who you are made to follow and as a good karma, the tool next puts your name in the list of 20 users who others will follow. This will continue and it seems in few days you will have a large number of followers. Sure, but unless you are in the number game, increasing your followership randomly makes no sense. Remember, there is a threshold for experimenting. It is now time to get strategic!

So, who is your Audience of Interest and How do you build it?

Anyone, who is actively involved in topics that match your areas of expertise or interest.  For example, if you are an online surfing board seller, you will like to have users whose interests are in surfing or adventure sports, travel etc. The most common way to find users with similar interest is twitter search. But, it has the following two issues:

  1. Lack of Context – In the above example, if you search for surfing, you are clearly not interested in Web Surfing, which the search will return. How do you get to the level of context?
  2. Lack of Applicability – Search typically returns a large number of results, especially if the topic is very popular. How do you make make sure that your purpose of following these users of interest is efficient

With ObjectiveMarketer, let us try running the same scenario. So, as an online Surfing Board seller, this is how you can get a qualified audience of interest, the right way:

  1. Create search, say, “Surfing”
  2. View Results – [daily/ weekly trend by topic/user, ReTweet stats, Topic Clouds]
  3. From Topic Cloud, choose the context – say beach or hawaai. Avoid “web”.
  4. Now, you have list of users who are talking about “Surfing” and “Beach” – You have the right context
  5. You can “Follow All” the users in one go Or one-at-a-time- You have  applicability
  6. Since, the search is saved and it keeps collecting data-You have continuous list growth

Start building Audience of Interest and not Followers.

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