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Automate Blog updates on Twitter / Facebook

Blogs have become an integral element of Internet Marketing. A well written blog with valuable content organically generates interests and increases readership. A blog can help marketers establish thought leadership and provide a way to connect with audience in a very tight context of the topic that is being discussed.

Many of us who are on Twitter know Twitterfeed – the most popular tool to publish feed from blogs. We will see, how you can use ObjectiveMarketer to publish feeds from blogs, and get advanced analytics.

With ObjectiveMarketer – you can Integrate the blog’s RSS feed and Automate publish on Twitter and Facebook, right from the Campaign. In one go, you can not only publish to the social media channels but also collect stats on click throughs from the twitterverse/facebook and visit to the blog – along with all the trending and analysis that ObjectiveMarketer provides.

To integrate ObjectiveMarketer blogs, let us try the following steps:

1. In the Create Campaign Screen, enter the name of the Campaign “ObjectiveMarketer Blogs”

2. Find blog’s RSS feed. For ObjectiveMarketer, it is-https://objectivemarketer.wordpress.com/feed/

3. Enter the RSS Feed in the input box for Blog Feed

Integrate and Automate Blogs with ObjectiveMarketer

And, that is it!!! Each time the blog is updated with a new post, the blog link is automatically published on the twitter and facebook accounts and ObjectiveMarketer gets busy collecting stats!

At the end of the day, performance is important – if you don’t measure, how do you improve???

Next we will talk about Keywords and the buzz about Buzz Factor!


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