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How Zaza NailSpa can use ObjectiveMarketer

In this series of posts, we will show how a company that uses Twitter and Facebook for Promotional Marketing, can use ObjectiveMarketer. The company we have picked up for the case is Zaza Nail Spa. In this post, we will tell you why you must use Campaign Management for Social Media Marketing (SMM) and how you can CREATE a simple campaigns with ObjectiveMarketer.


zaza does Social Media Marketing on Twitter and Facebook

zaza does Social Media Marketing on Twitter and Facebook

Company: Zaza Nail Spa is a San Francisco based Beauty Salon. They are on twitter & on Facebook. A snapshot of their messages –


Come into Zaza this Week and get 5$ off any service if you mention twitter! Check out the website for March specials

Come in to Zaza this month and get your feet in shape for Spring. This month get a free Classic Mani w/ the Refreshmint Pedi. M-F


Free glass of wine! Oh yes! It’s love your mama month. Purchase a Red Flower … Add a classic Manu for just $5!


Some Observations

1. The promotions have some pattern (little less than a strategy)- “For March”, “For Mother’s Day”, “For Facebook” etc.

2. The objective is clear – attract more customers.

3. “Mention Twitter to get Discount” does not really reveal a lot about the performance of their messages on Twitter.

Bring ObjectiveMarketer

The goal of ObjectiveMarketer is bring strategy on table when marketers think of SMM.

Zaza Nail Spa can begin by formulating a good Strategy:

  • Create Campaign strategy. Something like,  “all posts that will be made to attract more customers in the month of March”. In ObjectiveMarketer, translate this strategy into a Campaign.  Start with a name. say, March Campaign
  • Decide (may be loosely, revisit) # of messages, frequency of messages, Timing for the messages, when to stop
  • Analyze the performance of these messages – periodically (every evening) and at the end (overall, trend)
  • Analyze the Audience Behaviour-  by channel, by time-range view, by demography, by source
  • Analyze social insights – for eg. what is the viral impact of a post and what does the chain look like?
  • Compare with other simultaneously running Campaign
  • Repeat the success story / learning

Let us implement this entire strategy with ObjectiveMarketer, step-by-step.In today’s post, let us do the basic – Create a Campaign and Make Posts.

Assuming, login and account is configured.

  1. In Campaigns Tab, click on “New Campaign” link
  2. Give the Name “March Madness”
  3. Save the campaign
  4. Go to Post, enter the message along with the URL of the website, select the campaign.
  5. Choose: Publish Now [Select Twitter and Facebook] or if you have content ready for next couple of posts click Publish Later and schedule for future.

That is all needed to start getting strategic about your Social Media Marketing.

In the next post, we will take a look at some of the performance metrics for the “March Madness” Campaign.

Disclaimer – Zaza Nail Spa is not a customer of ObjectiveMarketer. And all the views and ideas expressed in this blog are solely of ObjectiveMarketer. The example is taken just to make a point and solely to demonstrate how marketers can benefit from a product like ObjectiveMarketer.


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