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Camapaign Management on Social Media Channels

Today, Marketers are using Social Media Channels like Twitter and Facebook for a number of reasons like:

  • Announcing Deals and Promotions  [@atlassian with their $5 Jira and Confluence promotion]
  • Increasing Brand Awareness [@zazanailspa – Zaza Nail Spa, “write a review for us on Yelp and we give you 10% off on Pedicure”]
  • Improving Customer Relationship [@zappos, @comcastcares – responding real time, bringing in human face to the company]

And these are some of the many reasons marketers are choosing these social media channels as their preferred choice of business.  Atlassian’s campaign, which was run for a limited time, and that yielded huge results proves the point how successful a well-planned and well-executed campaign on Social Media Channels can be.

To be able to make sustainable performance on Social Media Channels, Marketers need an effecient Campaign Management application that will help them:

  • Implement a centralized campaign strategy
  • Get visibility on all aspects of the campaign performance
  • Monitor the influencers, detractors and promotors
  • Give insights on factors for the current and future strategies

In simple language, an efficient Campaign Management Solution will allow the Head of Social Media Marketing, circulate a strategy, allocate resources and monitor performance. One that will stop the guess work!

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